Can I use Wired Contacts with a 2Gig GoControl?

The 2GIG Go!Control wireless alarm system DOES support wired contacts. There are three methods of integrating wired contacts with this control panel. The most popular way to integrate wired contacts is through the use of the 2GIG TAKE-345 aka Super Switch. Also, there are two hardwired zones that can be landed directly into the control panel. Lastly, you can wire contacts to a wireless contact such as the 2GIG DW10 or the Honeywell 5816. There is no way to integrate wired life-safety devices such as Carbon Monoxide, smoke or heat detectors. 

Similar to the 5800C2W for Honeywell wireless systems, the TAKE-345 Super Switch transmits wireless status of 8 wired zones back to the Go!Control panel. This includes powered devices like glass breaks and PIR motion detectors. However it requires that all the wiring is home run to a centralized location. The TAKE-345 is a takeover module without any power supply. This unit is designed to connect through an existing wired system and use the integrated low voltage power supply on that system. If you have a prewired home without any existing wired system the 2IG TAKE-KIT1 allows for an independent setup. The kit includes an AC transformer, 12VDC power supply and an ABS plastic enclosure for housing all the items. There is no battery backup included. We recommend the Ultratech 1240 if you do not have a battery already. 

If you plan on using the pair of screw terminals (terminals 9 and 10) inside the keypad be sure to land one leg on terminal 9 or 10 and the other leg on the shared ground on terminal 3. There is no polarity on these contacts. For line supervision, connect the resistor (2.2K ohm) in series into the loop by landing one leg on terminal 8 or 9 and crimping the other leg to the sensor wire.These zones can be programmed as Normally-Closed (N.C.) or Normally-Open (N.O.). They can be wired with several contacts in a loop but will only report as a single burglary zone. 

Lastly, wired contacts can be hardwired to the internal screw terminals of a sensor like the 5816 and DW10. These sensors only support Normally-Closed contacts. They must be programmed to loop 1 in order to report status of the wired zone. 

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