Can the 2GIG SMKT3-345 be Interlinked?

No, the 2GIG SMKT3-345 cannot be interlinked. This is known as a "one-go-all-go" feature, and it is not offered with the 2GIG SMKT3-345. Unfortunately, there is not really an official "one-go-all-go" option when using a 2GIG Alarm Systems. But there are some possible work-around methods.

2gig smkt3 345 wireless smoke heat and freeze detector

The 2GIG SMKT3-345 is a versatile wireless smoke detector that offers smoke, heat and freeze detection. The device operates at a 345 MHz frequency that is used by nearly every 2GIG Wireless Sensor. It was specifically designed with 2GIG Alarm System in mind, including the 2GIG GC2 and 2GIG GC3 Systems. It can also technically be used with a Honeywell Lyric Controller that is running a high enough firmware version.

A "one-go-all-go" setup means that when one smoke detector activates, all of the other smoke detectors in the building will activate as well. This requires the smoke detectors to all be on the same network, and the smoke detectors must actively have the feature available. Some installers refer to this practice as "interlinking". However, the 2gIG SMKT3-345 does not offer this feature. As a result, it is not possible to achieve a one-go-all-go setup with a 2GIG SMKT3-345.

In fact, there is currently no smoke detector that can interface directly with a 2GIG Alarm System that can be used in a one-go-all-go setup. It's important to mention that the Honeywell SiXSMOKE supports the feature, but it cannot be used with a 2GIG System. Instead, the Honeywell SiXSMOKE is built exclusively for the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The same rule applies to the Honeywell SiXCOMBO.

But there is one possible work-around to achieving a network of one-go-all-go smoke detectors with a 2GIG GC2 or 2GIG GC3. Although you cannot directly interface a one-go-all-go smoke detector with a 2GIG Panel, you can still establish a separate network of interlinked smokes. The feature is common among high voltage hardwired smoke detectors. You may be in luck if you already have a network of high voltage smoke detectors established.

For DIY users, it is often easiest to find conventional battery-powered wireless smoke detectors that support a one-go-all-go option. These types of smoke detectors are less common, but they are out there. You just need to make sure that all the smoke detectors in the network are of the same variety and that they support a one-go-all-go or interlinking option. Additionally, each smoke detector should have its own individual sounder.

Once you have the smokes set up, you may be wondering how to link them with your 2GIG System. You won't be able to do this directly since they will not operate at the necessary 345 MHz frequency. Instead, you can use a listening module, like the Encore FireFighter FF345. This device will actively listen for the unique sound of an activated smoke detector and alert your 2GIG System when it hears the temporal sound.

Remember, the FF345 module will need to be enrolled with the panel as through it were a wireless smoke detector. For best results, it should be no less than six inches away from the smoke detector, and it sound be facing the smoke detector's sounder. When one smoke is activated, all the others on the network should activate as well, provided they are one-go-all-go. The FF345 will hear the sound regardless of which smoke detector initiated the response. That way, you can use a single FF345 device to integrate an entire network of smoke detectors with your 2GIG System!

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