Can the IPCAM-WO Be Used Indoors?

Yes, the IPCAM-WO can be used indoors. This camera features a weather-proof and water-resistant design that makes it ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, its lens is specifically designed to capture video in an outdoor setting. However, the camera will work just fine when used indoors.

With its rugged design and tightly-fitted connection ports, the IPCAM-WO has been built to be used outdoors. The lens is also adaptable to the constantly-changing lighting found in an outdoor setting, including InfraRed for black and white night viewing. These features make the IPCAM-WO an excellent camera for keeping an eye on the kids while they play outside and for checking to make sure that yard maintenance workers showed up on time. That being said, none of these unique design features will prevent the camera from performing exceptionally well when it is utilized indoors.

The below video is a review of the IPCAM-WO features

If a user requires a camera strictly for indoor use, then we do not usually recommend purchasing the IPCAM-WO. This is because there are cheaper indoor models available that will suit their needs just fine. Some less expensive Honeywell IP cameras that fit this bill include the IPCAM-WL and the Lyric C1. These two models are designed for indoor use, and they perform similar functions as the IPCAM-WO.

In order to use the IPCAM-WO for remote video viewing, the user will be required to have a Total Connect account and integrate the device. A Total Connect account can be obtained from any authorized AlarmNet dealer, including Alarm Grid. Additionally, while the IPCAM-WO does come with its own transformer so that it can be powered, many users find that it is difficult to locate an outlet within range of the power cord in an outdoor setting. Because of this, the average do-it-yourself installer may have a difficult time hooking-up their IPCAM-WO, and they may require the assistance of a professional in wiring the device. The transformer for the IPCAM-WO has a 4.5 foot long cable, and there is a 10 foot extension cable that also comes with the unit.

Note: The Total Connect 2.0 Legacy IP Cameras can only be used if they were online at the time when Resideo pushed down an OTA update to make them compatible with an updated TC2 platform. Any legacy camera that was not online to receive this update can no longer be used. You must be very careful when purchasing used legacy TC2 IP Cameras, as many people will try to pass off bricked models on unsuspecting buyers. Please read this FAQ for more information.

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