Does an L5200 work as Vista 15P, 20P or 21iP keypad?

While the Honeywell L5200 looks very similar to the Tuxedo Touch WIFI, it is, itself, a home security system and cannot double as a keypad for any of the VISTA series security systems.

For those looking to add an extra keypad to the VISTA 15P, 20P, 21iP, or to any of Honeywell's wired security systems, the choices are to add a alphanumeric keypad such as the 6162 or the 6160 both of which are programming keypads, or to add an AUI keypad such as the 6280 which is simply a touchscreen keypad or the Tuxedo Touch WIFI. The L5200 is a security system in itself. Its compatible keypad is the 5828, which can be paired to the L5200.

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