Does 2GIG's GC3 system support WIFI communicators?

Yes, 2GIG's GC3 system does support WIFI communicators. The system comes with a WIFI communicator pre-included for WIFI connectivity, and no further add-ons will be needed. However, it may be necessary to install the latest firmware update before attempting to use WIFI connectivity.

While WIFI is an excellent communication method for the GC3 system, a cellular connection is required for monitoring and use with remote services. When both WIFI and cellular paths are available, signals are sent using both. The signal received first is acknowledged and sent to the monitoring station, if enabled. The signal received second is discarded. In this way, every signal will always use the fastest path possible to reach its destination.

Since cellular communication is very important for the GC3, the end user should make sure to pick the proper cellular module for the system. The GC3 supports Verizon, AT&T and Rogers (Canada Only) cellular networks. Using service from one of these providers, the GC3 will be able to access servers. We recommend choosing whichever cellular service tends to provide the best signal in your particular area.

The server hosts alarm signaling in the form of their own interactive app for custom alerts, live system/sensor status and remote control of your alarm panel and automation devices. You can also integrate live video and recordings backed up in the cloud. Another great feature of is the ability for GC3 owners to receive central station monitoring for 24/7 emergency dispatching. The communication signals all funnel through and then transmit to the mobile app and/or the central monitoring station, depending upon the user's alarm monitoring plan. Make sure to specify which types of Z-Wave devices you have before activation, so they can be enabled for use with the app.

Although cellular communication is usually not quite as fast as WIFI, it is more reliable, which makes it great for use with security panels. In the event of a power outage, there's a good chance the panel's WIFI connection will be down, however, since the cellular communicator uses the panel's backup battery, and the cellular tower has redundant power, the system will still be able to communicate. Having adequate signal strength for the cellular device is important. You can verify the signal strength in the toolbox settings on your panel, or you can inquire with your alarm company.

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Yes this is a new feature that did not exist when this FAQ was published. We will have to update this article.
WiFi Reporting is on to in version 3.1 which is available now.
The latest firmware (3.0.2) unlocked the WIFI communicator but only for use with an upcoming auxiliary keypad that 2Gig has in the pipeline. The true WIFI communications to for monitoring purposes will be unlocked with a future firmware update. You can stay up to date on the firmware releases at
Is the software update now available to enable integrated WIFI communicator?

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