Does The FF345 Have A Camera In It?

No, the Encore Firefighter FF345 does not have a camera but does have a microphone that acts like an ear to existing hardwired smoke detectors.

The Encore Firefighter is compatible with both Honeywell wireless systems and 2GIG wireless systems.

Honeywell & 2GIG wireless systems are not compatible with hardwired smoke detectors and users would need to install wireless detectors for monitoring. Installing an Encore Firefighter has changed that. The Encore Firefighter FF345 utilizes existing smoke detectors by sound. If an existing hardwired smoke detector alarms, the FF345 will pick up the sound and trigger an alarm to the Honeywell or 2GIG alarm panel. The Honeywell or 2GIG panel will forward the signal to a central monitoring station where trained operators will notify authorities if needed.

The Encore Firefighter FF345 requires one 3V lithium battery CR123A and has a battery life of approximately 5 years. The FF345 operating temperature is 32 degrees F to 120 degrees F.

The Encore Firefighter FF345 comes with its own mounting bracket and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling but needs to be within 6 inches of the existing smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors.

The FF345 has its own 7 digit serial number and is enrolled the same way as a Honeywell RF and 2GIG RF sensor with a response type of Fire or Fire with Verification. Please refer to the FF345 and the panel’s install and programming guide for complete instructions.

The Encore Firefighter FF345 is not nor does it replace a smoke detector. It’s microphone picks up the sound of existing hardwired smoke detectors and is programmed to forward a fire signal to the alarm panel. It’s a good idea to test the FF345 to make sure it communicates.. To test press the test button on the actual smoke detector. Please call the central monitoring station before sending any test signals to place the system on test to prevent any false alarms.

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