Does the Lyric security system need internet?

The Lyric security system has a built-in Wifi communicator that can be used alone, or in conjunction with a Cellular communicator to send alarm signals, and give access to Total Connect 2.0 for remote access and system control. Though Lyric supports Wifi, it is not required for alarm reporting, or access to Total Connect 2.0, both of which can be achieved with a Cellular-only connection.

Honeywell will offer a paid app, which facilitates a connection to the Lyric via Wifi, and allows you to control the system from your smartphone or tablet, turning your phone or tablet into a remote keypad. This app will only work if the Lyric has a Wifi connection, and while you are on the same network Lyric is connected to. Additionally, if you want to use the IPCAM-WI2, IPCAM-WO, IPCAM-WL, or IPCAM-PT2, and would like to be able to view them via the Lyric screen, Lyric must be connected to the same Wifi network to which the IPCAMs are connected.

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