Does Total Connect Have a Monthly Fee?

Yes, Total Connect does have a monthly fee. The Total Connect service is included as part of certain alarm monitoring plans. These monitoring plans typically have a fee that the user must pay every month. We encourage users to check out our Alarm Monitoring Page for more information.

Total Connect is a service offered by Honeywell's AlarmNet division. Total Connect 2.0 is the updated version of the interactive platform that allows an alarm user to remotely control and receive custom notifications via email and text message. However this service does require that supporfted alarm panels be at specific minimum revisions in order to be compatible. Also there are specific AlarmNet communicators, both internet and cellular, that are required to use the service as well.

This Total Connect 2.0 compatibility document can be very helpful. If you are having trouble locating the panel's model number and revision number, or the communicator's model number, we are here to help. If you would like to find out for yourself, there are some quick tips below to find this information. Otherwise, please give us a call at (888) 818-7728 or email our support team at It is best practice to locate any paperwork you have for the system before contacting us. This can help point us in the proper direction.

To locate the panel number for a wireless system, open up the panel, and search for a revision sticker. For wired systems, open up the beige metal cabinet that houses the printed circuit board and wiring. In the center of the green circuit board, you should find a black 1 inch by 1 inch chip known as a PROM chip. This chip will display the model number and revision. The number followed by the dash is the revision number. The model number follows the "WA". For example, if the chip reads "WA20P-9.12", that would mean that the system is a VISTA20P revision 9.12. If you have a VISTA 15P or VISTA 20P version 2 or later, you can get a PROM chip upgrade from our website.

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