Honeywell 5800COMBO vs Honeywell 5809

The Honeywell 5800COMBO and the Honeywell 5809 are both fire sensors. They are both part of the Honeywell 5800 Series of sensors. They both interface with the same alarm systems. However the 5800COMBO is for smoke, heat and CO detection, while the 5809 is for heat detection only.

As Honeywell 5800 Series devices, both the 5800COMBO and the 5809 communicate at a wireless frequency of 345 MHz. They will function with the same alarm systems. This includes any Honeywell System with a working wireless receiver, as well as the 2GIG GC3 and GC2. Both sensors will function at a maximum distance of 200 feet away from the alarm system. However, a wireless repeater, such as the Honeywell 5800RP, can extend this range.

The biggest difference between the 5800COMBO and the 5809 concerns their functionality. The 5800COMBO is designed to sense smoke, heat and carbon monoxide. The device is programmed using two different zones on an alarm system. The first zone is for smoke and heat detection, while the second zone is for carbon monoxide detection. The device can also be programmed to a third zone for maintenance. But the 5809 can only be used as a heat sensor, and it is only programmed to one single wireless zone. As a strictly heat sensor, the 5809 does not have a maintenance function.

In terms of actual heat detection, the 5800COMBO and the 5809 operate in different manners. The 5809 includes both fixed temperature sensing and rate of rise detection. The 5809 will trigger if it detects a temperature over 135° F or higher at any time. It will also activate if it senses a temperature increase of 15° F in a single minute. Meanwhile, the heat sensor on the 5800COMBO only provides fixed temperature sensing, and only a detected temperature of 135° F or higher will cause its heat sensor to activate.

Finally, the two devices are different in terms of size, with the 5800COMBO being the significantly larger device. The 5800COMBO has a 6-inch diameter, while the 5809 has a 4.5-inch diameter.

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