How Do I Add a Repeater to My 2GIG Wireless Alarm System?

You can add a repeater to your 2GIG Wireless Alarm System by simply plugging in the repeater. The device will automatically start repeating compatible wireless signals as soon as it is receiving power. The user can also program the module with their 2GIG System for supervision purposes.

A wireless repeater is useful for situations where a user needs to extend the signal range of their wireless sensors. When a sensor is activated, it sends out a wireless signal to the alarm control panel. But if the alarm system is too far away, then the signal will not reach its intended destination. A user can add a repeater so that the signal can travel further and ultimately reach the panel. The signal will travel from the sensor to the repeater. The repeater will then send the signal out a second time, effectively doubling its maximum range. The repeated signal can then be sent to the panel. This is helpful for larger properties and areas that feature various obstacles, such as walls and large metal objects, that can reduce the wireless signal range.

The 2GIG Alarm Systems, including the 2GIG GC2 and 2GIG GC3, accept 345 MHz wireless signals. They will work with 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors and Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors. Both of these sensor lineups feature some type of wireless repeater. The 2GIG RPTR1-345 will repeat both 2GIG 345 MHz Sensor signals and Honeywell 5800 Sensor signals. This is considered to be the standard wireless repeater for the 2GIG Systems. Meanwhile, the Honeywell 5800RP will repeat Honeywell 5800 signals, but not the signals of 2GIG Wireless Sensors.

The Honeywell 5800RP is shown in the picture below:

Honeywell 5800rp wireless repeater

Both the 2GIG RPTR1-345 and the Honeywell 5800RP are plug-and-play devices. This means that they will start repeating wireless signals as soon as they are plugged-in. They will effectively double the range of any compatible wireless signal. So if a 5800 Series Sensor has a wireless signal range of 200, then its maximum range can be extended to up to 400 feet. This will involve having the wireless signal travel 200 feet from the sensor to the repeater. The repeater can then repeat the signal and send it out and additional 200 feet to the panel. This will provide the maximum distance of 400 feet. Please note that you cannot use multiple repeaters together to keep increasing the distance. Wireless signals can only be repeated once.

If a user wants, they can program their wireless repeater to their alarm system. Programming the wireless repeater will have the panel provide alerts and notifications for tamper, AC loss and low battery. Keep in mind though that this is completely optional. The repeater will still perform its standard job of repeating wireless signals simply by being plugged-in. Also note that the panel may need to be runnings a certain firmware version in order for a wireless repeater to be programmed. For example, to program a 2GIG RPTR1-345 with a 2GIG GC2, the system must be running firmware version 1.14 or higher. To program a 2GIG RPTR1-345 with a 2GIG GC3, the system must be running firmware version 3.1 or higher.

Complete the following steps to get started with a wireless repeater:

1. Plug in the repeater. Connect any power wires to the repeater and plug it into a wall outlet. This will provide power for the device. Most repeaters also have a backup battery that will keep the device powered in case there is an electrical outage.

2. Program the sensors. Any sensor that was out of range of the alarm panel can now be learned-in with the system. Try auto-enrolling sensors from their intended final location to make sure that the wireless repeater increases their signal ranges far enough that they will now work with the system.

3. Program the repeater. If you want, you can auto-enroll the repeater with the system for supervision purposes. This is normally done by putting the panel into its wireless enrollment mode and then activating the repeater by removing its tamper cover. Remember, programming the repeater with the system is completely optional.

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