How do I add a wired siren to a 2GIG GC3?

This diagram shows the wiring required to use an Altronix RBSNTTL low current, sensitive relay, triggered by the GC3 panel's bell output, to sound a 3rd party high current siren by switching the power provided by a 12VDC power supply. In this example, we're using the positive trigger (Bell Positive) and breaking the positive leg of power through the relay. Because the negative trigger is not being used, and we have a common power source, it must be strapped out to the common power negative via a wire jumper. Since we're using the panel's bell output as our trigger, no special programming is required. Any alarm that would normally sound the bell output will activate the relay and sound the siren. We have a kit which contains the RBSNTTL, an AD12612 1.2 Amp power supply with Transformer, 4 AH backup battery, and a small metal enclosure to mount it all in. The only thing not included is the siren itself. This kit was originally configured to work with Honeywell's Lynx Touch panels, but will work fine with the 2GIG GC3 also.

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Hello, Al! It is possible to use a wired siren on the GC2E with an Altronix RBSNTTL in a powered relay configuration with a 12v power supply. Check the link here for a schematic and video on how to do so:
How can I install an outdoor siren with my 2GIG- GC2E panel? Thanks
I am still working on getting a high current siren added to my GC3 using RBSNTTL. Siren works fine but every time I arm/disarm the panel beeps twice and so do the siren. It was suggested I add a resister across siren terminals. I have added up to 4.7k resister and did even affect it. Anyone find a work-a-round yet for this. Thanks for your time.
Depends on how strong the false or short signal is... I would start low at 850 ohm and move to higher resistance .. keep in mind it will delay the bell ringing as the resistance is increased. It will depend on how much it takes to “motivate” or “unmotivate” your bell.
Any size resister?
Just add a resistor and the bell won’t have short bursts.......
Thanks for your reply and knowledge. Best regards
Ah, okay. I didn't realize that type of panel beep woudl go through to the siren but unfortunately, with the way this external sounder kit is designed, the wired siren will sound whenever the panel's siren is activated in any way and there's no way to avoid that as it's not possible to stop the panel from making those arming confirmation tones.
Yes, the external siren does the same.
I'm not sure I know what you mean when you say the panel does "2 short burst" when arming to stay. Do you mean the panel's double beep you hear right after hitting Arm Stay and your code?
I used the wiring diagram above to wire the external siren through the Altronix RBSNTTL to my 2gig GC-3 panel. It works when triggered but every time I arm arm system in stay more the external siren sounds 2 short burst like the control panel does when arming. How can I prevent that the external sire from sounding?

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