How do I add/remove text/email alerts in Total Connect?

If you log into your Total Connect account from a computer (not a smartphone or tablet), you will want to click on the wrench icon that says 'Setup' on the right side of the Events & Notifications bar. Then, click on the house with the lock inside of it on the left. Finally, click each of the colored notification category groups to open up all of the available alerts.

Any of the events that have a grey box with a number 1 are enabled. When you click on the event you will see a notification box on the right. Where it says "Send To" is the user group selection. By default, the master user is associated with the default group. Click edit to the right of the user group selection. Then you can add or remove users to/from that group by clicking the user's name. Any names that are checked off are assigned to that group. You will still need to validate their points of contact in order for the notifications to flow through to their email and/or phone via text message.

If you would like to an alert for the first time, you can click on an event and click the "+ Notification" icon on the right. Be sure to select the proper user group and verify that the proper users are associated with that group, as described above.

If you would like to remove a notification, simply click on the event and delete them on the right by clicking the red X so that the grey box with the number 1 goes away. Once you have the events you want notifications for showing the number 1 and all the rest not showing the 1, save the module on the bottom right.

It always a good idea to test. First go back into the settings and verify that you saved properly by confirming the grey box with the number 1 beside each notification. Then trigger an event and confirm that you are getting the notification.

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