How Do I Add Z-Wave Automation To My Lyric Gateway?

These instructions assume the Lyric Gateway has been configured, and has a WIFI or Ethernet Connection, and that the MyHome Gateway app has been configured for system access. For instructions on setting this up, click here. Because the Lyric Gateway has no local programming interface, it must be programmed through AlarmNet 360 by an Alarm Dealer, such as Alarm Grid.

The Lyric Gateway has a built in Z-Wave module and supports a total of 72 Z-Wave devices. Users can add up to 6 thermostats, 6 door locks, 4 garage doors, 4 water valves and up to 60 in any combination of light switches, outlets, light bulbs and appliance modules.

Even if the Z-Wave device is new and was never included into the Lyric Gateway Z-Wave network, it’s always a good idea to exclude a Z-Wave device before including it to your Lyric Gateway panel.

To exclude a Z-Wave device, from the MyHome Gateway app, press the Automation icon on the home screen > press the down arrow > Tools > Exclude Devices > press the function button of the z-wave device > press the return icon.

To include a z-wave device > press the Home Automation icon on the home screen > press the down arrow > Tools > Include Devices > once the message "Ready to Include" appears, within 60 seconds, press the function button on the z-wave device > a message will appear Device Found > press Abort > press the return icon.

Users can program up to 100 Smart Actions and up to 150 scheduled events. Users can schedule lights to turn on or off at scheduled times, the thermostat to turn off or on making the space the desired temperature when leaving or returning to the space.

With the MyHome Gateway app, users can control the Lyric Gateway system locally with a touchscreen interface. They can arm/disarm the security system and control z-wave devices, as well as view Honeywell IP cameras.

The Lyric Gateway has a built in Ethernet or WIFI module, and supports use of an AT&T or Verizon Cellular communicator, allowing users to connect to Total Connect 2.0.

Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control the alarm system, home automation and view cameras remotely from any computer, smartphone or iOS device. Users can receive notifications via email and or text message on any alarm signal or event.

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