How Do I Change an Installer Code on a Honeywell System If I Only Have a Tuxedo Keypad?

You can change an Installer Code on a Honeywell System if you only have a Tuxedo Keypad by accessing the Console Mode for the keypad. This will allow the Tuxedo Touch to effectively operate as an Alphanumeric Keypad. You can then use the keypad to access programming and change the code.

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The Tuxedo Touch is a hardwired touchscreen keypad for a VISTA Series System from Resideo (formerly Honeywell). The keypad has a Console Mode that allows it to operate like an Alphanumeric Keypad, such as a Honeywell 6160 or 6160RF. You can use the Tuxedo Touch Keypad in this mode to access programming and make changes to the system settings. This includes changing the Installer Code.

The Installer Code is best-known as the code used to enter system programming. This is necessary for making changes to most system settings. It should not be confused with the Master Code, which is frequently used for Arming and Disarming. For reference, the Installer Code is always assigned to slot 01. The Master Code is always assigned to slot 02.

We would like to provide a quick disclaimer before we provide the instructions for changing the Installer Code. We do not recommend changing the Installer Code! Most Honeywell Systems have a default Installer Code of 4112. Keeping this code at its default setting is strongly encouraged! This is for several reasons.

Most importantly, changing the Installer Code could result in your getting locked out of programming. You would then need to perform the backdoor method to get back in. The backdoor method is both time-consuming and inconvenient. Furthermore, you cannot even perform the backdoor method with a Tuxedo Keypad alone. You would need a conventional push-button keypad. By keeping the Installer Code at the default, you can always look it up if you forget it.

Additionally, keeping the Installer Code at its default does not present a security risk. This code cannot Disarm the panel, unless it was the code used to Arm it in the first place. As long as you do not Arm the system with the Installer Code, then you have nothing to worry about. Even if an intruder happened to know the default Installer Code of 4112, they couldn't use it to Disarm the system. Just make sure you always Arm and Disarm your system using your Master Code or a valid user code.

Having said all of that, you can still change the Installer Code if that is what you want. To do so using a Tuxedo Keypad, complete the following steps:

1. Enter Console Mode. Start from the main screen of the Tuxedo Touch. Choose Security > More Choices > Console Mode. The keypad will enter its Console Mode. You can now use it like an Alphanumeric Keypad.

2. Open programming. Enter [Installer Code] + [800]. So if the Installer Code is at its default, this will be [4112] + [800]. The screen will display "Installer Code 20" to confirm that programming has been entered.

3. Confirm the programming field. The default programming field, *20, is actually the one used to change the Installer Code on Vista-20P and similar panels. However, you should still confirm the programming field to make sure that you do not make any mistakes. Enter the command [*20]. The system will enter the programming field where you can change the Installer Code.

4. Enter a new code. Enter the four-digit code you want to set as the new Installer Code. Do this very carefully, as you will not be asked to confirm. The keypad will beep three (3) times to acknowledge that the Installer Code has been changed.

If you would like to verify that your Installer Code entry was correct, you can press [#20]. The keypad will display the new Installer Code one digit at a time, with a beep following each digit. The final digit will be followed by three beeps. If you entered 4112 as the Installer Code, pressing [#20] would read back 04, beep, 01, beep, 01, beep, 02, beep-beep-beep.

5. Return to home screen. Enter [*99] to exit programming. This is the command you should always use to exit programming. Do not use any other command because you may become locked out of programming. After you have used [*99] to exit programming, press the picture of the house in the upper-left corner. This will return you to the home screen for the Tuxedo Touch.

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