How Do I Change the Installer Code Using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad?

You can change the Installer Code using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad by accessing the device's Console Mode. This is a feature on the Tuxedo Touch that allows it to emulate an Alphanumeric Keypad for making deep-level programming changes. You must access programming to change the Installer Code.

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Before we begin, we would like to mention that changing the Installer Code from its default is strongly discouraged. Keeping the Installer Code at the default will prevent you from being locked out of programming later. Even if you forget the default Installer Code, you can always look it up. Additionally, keeping the Installer Code at the default does not present a security risk, as long as you do not use the code to Arm and Disarm.

But if you do decide to change the Installer Code, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you will need to know the current Installer Code. The VISTA System must also not be locked out of programming. If you do not know the Installer Code, or if you managed to lock yourself out of programming, then you will need to use the backdoor method to get back in. Unfortunately, you cannot perform the backdoor method using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad. Instead, you will need a conventional push-button keypad.

The steps below assume that you know the Installer Code and that you are not locked out of programming. Complete the following steps to change the Installer code using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad:

1. Enter Console Mode. Begin from the main screen of the Tuxedo Touch. Select Security > More Choices > Console Mode. The keypad will enter its Console Mode so that it can be used like an Alphanumeric Keypad.

2. Enter programming. Enter the command [Installer Code] + [800]. Assuming the Installer Code is at its default, this will be [4112] + [800]. The screen should display "Installer Code 20" to indicate that you successfully accessed programming mode.

3. Confirm the programming field. The default programming field is actually the one used to change the Installer Code. But it's still good practice to confirm the programming field. Enter the command [*20]. This will have the system enter the programming field for changing the Installer Code.

4. Provide a new code. Enter the four-digit code of your choosing. The keypad will beep three times to confirm. The Installer Code will now be set to the four-digit code you provided.

5. Exit programming. Press [*99] to exit programming. Always use this command to exit programming, as using a different command could cause you to become locked out.

6. Return to main menu. Click the picture of the house in the upper-left corner to return to the main screen.

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