How Do I Connect an LTEM-PA/LTEM-PV Without Cell to WIFI?

To connect an LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV to WIFI, install the PROWIFI or the PROWIFIZW. Then log into the Total Connect 2.0 app and go to settings. Select Change Device WIFI Network. Next, select Yes, hold the test button to turn on Bluetooth. Select the device, pair, and enter the WIFI info.

The LTEM-PA uses the AT&T LTE cellular network. The LTEM-PV uses Verizon LTE. Both are dual-path communicators and an internet connection can be achieved by using an ethernet cable connected to a router or switch. WIFI is optional and can be added with the purchase of one of the ProSeries WIFI Modules. These are the Honeywell Home PROWIFI (WIFI only) or the Honeywell Home PROWIFIZW (WIFI & Z-Wave Plus). Through the use of a ProSeries WIFI Communicator, you will be able to connect to a 2.4 GHz WIFI network. Using a WIFI module will disable the option to use an ethernet cable. You can use Ethernet or WIFI, but not both.

Resideo also has similar communicators in the LTEM-PIA and LTEM-PIV dual-path communicators. These were made to adhere to the UL-985 listing requirements for household fire devices. For this reason, they do not support the PROWIFI or PROWIFIZW modules. They can only use the internet via an Ethernet cable. So, this article only applies to the LTEM-PA and LTEM-PV communicators.

The internet and cellular communicators for the LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV are AlarmNet communicators and cannot be used to send alarm signals to any other server or service. For these communicators to work, you will need a monitoring plan. This can be full central station monitoring or self monitoring. Once you have an active plan, your alarm dealer sets up your communicator on AlarmNet 360. In order to configure the communicator for WIFI, you will need to have an active Total Connect 2.0 (TC2) account.

If your monitoring plan does not include cellular, you may have to enable WIFI without the assistance of the cellular communicator. This means that you will have to manually enable Bluetooth on the LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV for pairing. We have a separate article that covers how to configure wifi when you have an active cellular communicator. After installing the WIFI module, follow the instructions below to connect the LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV to WIFI. Be sure Bluetooth is turned on for your iOS or Android device and it is connected to the WIFI network you will be using. This method works for first-time connections and for updating the communicator's WIFI configuration in the event that your network settings have changed.

1. Log in to the TC2 App. Total Connect 2.0 is required for this setup. When your dealer configures your account, they will provide you with TC2 login credentials. If you do not have the TC2 app installed yet, learn how to set up TC2 on your phone. Assuming you are past that point, open and log in to your TC2 account using your iOS or Android device.

2. Go to Settings. On iOS devices, select more > settings.

On Android devices, select the 3-lined hamburger menu icon at the top left of the screen > settings.

3. Once you have successfully entered settings, the screens for an iOS or Android device are the same. In settings, you will find the option to 'Change Device Wi-Fi Network'. Next, you will be asked if you can access the security device. This refers to physically accessing the LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV to manually turn on Bluetooth. WIFI will be our only communication path and it is not yet enabled, so we must select 'Yes'.

4. Hold Test for Three (3) Seconds. We now have to manually activate Bluetooth pairing on the communicator. Open the cover, press and hold the test switch for at least 3 seconds, then release. You will see the green Reg, the red Fault, and the green WIFI LEDs blink in unison. This indicates the communicator is in pairing mode, which will last for 10 minutes. In the TC2 App, hit 'Next'.

5. Pair via Bluetooth. At this point, your smart device will search for the LTEM-P series device via Bluetooth. After locating the communicator, it will show up on the list of available connections. It will appear as LTEM-P (A or V) followed by the MAC address of the communicator. Your smart device may or may not ask for confirmation to pair via Bluetooth. If it does, just select 'Pair'.

6. Select your WIFI Network and Enter Password. Once pairing is complete, the smart device will populate the available WIFI networks that are within range. Select your network, then hit 'Next.' Next, enter your case-sensitive WIFI password. Please be sure to type this correctly, as some passwords are very complex. Once the password has been entered properly, you will get a successful WIFI setup message.

7. Select Done and Exit App. On the successful WIFI setup message, click 'Done' at the bottom. This will take you back to the TC2 app's settings screen. You can then close the app. Verify with your dealer if the communicator is properly talking on the network.

Important Note: Once Bluetooth is enabled on the LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV, it stays on for 10 minutes, then automatically times out. At that point, you will see the proper connectivity LEDs on the communicator. Until this 10-minute timeout, the LEDs may improperly indicate that the internet is not connected.

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