How Do I Use a VISTA Panel to Control My Garage Door?

Unlike the Lynx Touch series which uses the Honeywell 5877 relay and 5822T Tilt sensor to open and close a garage door. The Vista series control panel when paired with either a VAM or Tuxedo Touch WiFi keypad is compatible with the Linear GD00Z-4 Garage door opener.

The Linear GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener, is a zwave device and transceiver which allows users to open and close a garage door remotely via Total Connect 2.0, or using the VAM or Tuxedo Touch WiFi keypad.

The GD00Z-4 comes with a wireless tilt sensor, connection wires, mounting bracket, power supply and power supply bracket.

The GD00Z-4 connects to the existing garage door opener without needing to disconnect any existing wiring to the opener.

The GD00Z-4 mounts on the ceiling next to the garage door opener and power outlet. Connect the GD00Z-4 connection wires to the push button console’s terminals. Plug in the power cord into the power input jack on the GD00Z-4, then plug the power supply into the power outlet and secure with the included screw.

The tilt sensor is installed on the top panel of the garage door. Secure the mounting bracket with the included screws, snap the tilt sensor inside the bracket.

The tilt sensor reports the garage door’s position to the GD00Z-4 and the GD00Z-4 responds to Zwave commands (to open or close) from the VAM or Tuxedo Touch WiFi keypad.

As a safety feature, once a command is sent, the GD00Z-4 will beep and the strobe light will flash for 5 seconds as a warning before the garage door begins to move. If the garage door does not open or close completely, a second command can be sent after 30 seconds. If the garage door still doesn’t open or close completely after the 2nd attempt, the GD00Z-4 will have to be activated by the garage door push button opener.

operation is suspended until a local garage door push button is activated.

Please refer to the GD00Z-4 installation manual for complete instructions.

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