How Do I Delete a 5834-4 panic programmed to 2GIG GC3?

This is a bit of a trick question, because the key fob panic feature on the 2GIG GC3 doesn’t work with the Honeywell 5834-4, 4 button fob. When programming the 5834-4 into the GC3, follow the steps listed here. You will be given the option to enable “Emergency Key” with Auxiliary, Audible, Silent Panic, or Fire, or you can choose Disable. I recommend choosing Disable, since the panic won’t function as programmed with any of the other choices. Also, please note, the 5834-4 is now shipped from factory with the High Security Encryption feature enabled. When enabled, the led at the top of the 5834-4 will light Red when any button is pressed for 2 seconds or longer. This feature is also not compatible with the 2GIG GC3, so you must set the fob to Standard (non-encrypted) mode. To do so, hold down the B (top right) C (bottom left) and D (bottom right) buttons at the same time. The led at the top will light Green when Standard mode is set, then will turn off. Future key presses will light the LED Green, rather than Red.

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