How Do I Disable Auto-Stay Arming on a Honeywell VISTA System?

You can disable Auto-Stay Arming on a Honeywell VISTA Security System by accessing Installer Programming and navigating to menu option [*84]. This is the menu option for Auto Stay Arm. Press the [0] button to disable the feature. Then press [*99] to exit programming and save your changes.

Honeywell vista 20p wired alarm control panel

Auto-Stay Arming is a helpful feature found on most security systems. However, it can also cause some users to experience problems when testing if they don't know what they're doing. This feature tells the system to automatically revert to Arm Stay mode when Arming Away if no entry/exit zone is activated during the system's exit delay period. The idea here is that if an entry/exit zone has not been activated, then logically, the user must still be inside the building. In that situation, a user could accidentally cause a false alarm by triggering an interior sensor. With Auto-Stay Arming enabled, the system will automatically revert to Arm Stay to prevent this from happening.

If a user wants to activate Arm Away mode on their security system, they must complete one of two possible steps. The first option is to activate an entry/exit zone during the exit delay countdown. This is normally done by opening and closing the main entry door. The other option is to disable the feature from within programming. For a VISTA System, this will require knowing the system's Installer Code.

Please note that although this is technically "deep-level programming", the process is simple enough that it is okay to use a Fixed English Keypad here. However, if you do use a Fixed English Keypad, make sure that you are very careful to prevent disturbing other system settings. Remember, an Alphanumeric Keypad is always the preferred option for system programming.

Complete the following steps to disable Auto-Stay Arming on a Honeywell VISTA System:

1. Enter Programming. Enter the command [Installer Code] + [800]. The default Installer Code is 4112. The keypad will display "Installer Code 20" or "20". This indicates that you have successfully entered Installer Programming.

2. Disable the feature. Press [*84]. This will take you to the field for setting the Auto-Stay feature. Press [0] to disable the feature.

Alternatively, you can also press [1] to enable the feature for Partition 1 only, [2] to enable the feature for Partition 2 only, or [3] to enable the feature for both Partitions. After making your selection, the keypad will automatically go to the next programming field, *85.

3. Exit Programming. Press [*99] to exit Programming. You will be taken back to the main screen, and the changes to the Auto-Stay feature will be applied.

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