How do I hook up a Honeywell 5800C2W to an L7000?

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 is a wireless alarm control panel. Although you can connect a single wired zone to the keypad, the most common way to connect wired security sensors to the L7000 is through the use of the Honeywell 5800C2W. This unit is essentially a wired to wireless translator module. You can land up to 9 wired zones on this unit. Just like a Honeywell VISTA panel, you can wire several sensors in series to make single zone. If you have more than 9 zones and you prefer to keep each sensor on its own circuit you can setup several 5800C2W's. The L7000 supports a total of 80 RF zones not including key zones for key fobs.

The 5800C2W will replace the existing wired system. All of the data wires for each zone will be transferred over to the screw terminals along the bottom of this module. For powered devices like motions and glass breaks, you can land the power connections on the 12VDC Aux power and ground connections on the right side of the panel. This translator only supports door/window contacts, motion detectors and glass breaks.

Life safety devices such as smoke, heat and CO detectors are not supported. You can swap in new wireless smoke/heat and CO detectors that communicate directly to the L7000. Also wired sirens will not work with this unit. You can check out our LYNX-EXT kit if you would like to setup wired sounders with the L7000. The kit will include eveything you need to connect a wired siren to the L7000, including a metal enclosure to house the power supply.

There is an AC transformer included with the unit. You will need to purchase low voltage wiring (ideally stranded 18/2) and a battery separately. There is a pair of battery leads designed to connect to a 12V battery. If you have a functional battery from the previous wired system you can reuse that. If you need a new one we recommend the Ultratech 1240 or 1270.

If you have a prewired home or you are just looking to save money on sensors and avoid replacing batteries, this module is the golden ticket! Forget upgrading your wired system to another wired system that will soon be outdated. Future proof your home or business security system by going with the L7000 which now supports free firmware updates from Alarmnet.

**Check out group of videos on the 5800C2W!**

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Hi Jeff, Refer to this video that will show you how to hook it up to a Lynx panel: Hope that helps.
Is it just me, or did this question go unanswered? I see the 5800c2w described, but see no information on how to hook it up to the panel? Mine seems to have issues connecting.

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