How do I install a Tuxedo Touch?

Please review the quick install guide and our video tutorial before physically installing your Honeywell Tuxedo keypad. You will need to connect the Tuxedo Touch to your alarm control panel using a four conductor wire. You will need to route this wire from the control panel location to the Tuxedo Touch location. The terminals on the Tuxedo Touch are labeled Y, +, - and G. You will need to connect a wire from the Y terminal on the Tuxedo to the Data Out terminal of your control panel. Then connect the + terminal on the Tuxedo to the Aux + terminal on your control panel. Next, connect a wire between the - terminal on the Tuxedo to the Aux - terminal on your panel. Finally, connect the G terminal on the Tuxedo to the Data In terminal on the control panel.

Upon initial power up, you will be prompted to set the ECP address of the Tuxedo. Each Tuxedo will need to be assigned to a separate ECP address and you should check your systems installation guide to see how many ECP addresses are supported. If this is your only graphic touchscreen keypad, most likely you will set it to the default address of 01.

Now that you have completed your wiring at the panel, addressed the Tuxedo Touch and you have a hole in the wall where your keypad wiring is coming out of, you are ready to physically install your Tuxedo keypad. Using the Tuxedo Touch mounting template as a guide, measure out your mounting holes and make your marks with a pencil. It is always good to level and center your keypad in line with any light switches or thermostats. Push in your screw anchors. Feed your wire through the hole in the mounting plate and firmly screw back plate to the wall. Power down your alarm control panel if it is not already. Now you can strip and connect your power and data wires by matching the positive sign to aux positive (red), negative sign to aux negative (black), Y to Data Out (yellow), G to Data In (green). Feed any excess wire into the wall. Then slide the Tuxedo Touch in and down until it snaps into place

Want to know if and how many Tuxedo Touches your panel supports? Want a beautiful touchscreen keypad but do not want to replace your Honeywell wired alarm system? The Tuxedo Touch (WIFI) is a great option to upgrade your traditional alarm system to a full on home automation system. Once the Tuxedo Touch is installed you can remotely control via Total Connect 2.0 any paired z-wave devices in your home or business. If any of your specific needs were not answered in the video or above check out the Tuxedo Touch install guide and Tuxedo Touch WIFI install guide. They are filled with great installation tips!

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The SE panels do not support AUI keypads like the Tuxedo Touch. I emailed you some links to the 5800C2W and GC3 so you can upgrade your system to integrate z-wave technology. If you have any questions on that upgrade feel free to respond directly to my email.
can I use the tuxwifiw with a vista se panel?

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