Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch Now Supports Total Connect Remote Home Automation!

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Honeywell's award winning Tuxedo Touch keypads are not only beautiful touchscreen controllers for most Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panels, they are also powerful Z-Wave home automation controllers. Adding a Tuxedo Touch keypad to your VISTA security system allows you protect your home and fully control your home's Z-Wave lights, Z-Wave locks and Z-Wave thermostats.

One feature that the Tuxedo Touch keypads has been lacking is the ability to control your home's Z-Wave devices using Honeywell's interactive Total Connect service. While you could turn on your Z-Wave lights from the actual touchscreen keypad, you could not use your Total Connect account to remotely control those same lights.

The original Tuxedo Touch and Tuxedo Touch WIFI both had internal web servers so that they could be connected to your IP network. If you connected your Tuxedo Touch to your network, you could access a virtual version of the Tuxedo screen to do home automation control. However, you had to setup complicated port forwarding if you wanted to access the virtual Tuxedo keypad while you were not home and connected to the same IP network.

We have all been patiently waiting for Honeywell to release new versions of the Tuxedo Touch keypads and we are happy to say our patience has finally been rewarded! The new Total Connect ready Tuxedo Touch and Tuxedo Touch WIFI keypads are available and shipping now!

With a new Tuxedo Touch and a monitoring plan that includes Remote Home Automation, you will have full control over your Honeywell VISTA Series security system. Not only will you be able to arm and disarm your system from your phone, but you will now be able to turn your home's lights on and off whenever you'd like. You will be able to set your thermostat to a specific temperature while you drive home from work. You can even unlock your door and disarm your system from anywhere in the world!

Even if you had an existing Tuxedo Touch and you have it setup to be controlled remotely, there are extra features that Total Connect remote home automation provides that a regular Tuxedo Touch will not.

The chart above highlights the advantages of upgrading your Total Connect service to include AlarmNet's remote home automation option. With extra available scenes on Total Connect and manual remote scene activation, connecting your Tuxedo Touch to Total Connect will bring total system control to the palm of your hand. You can even have Total Connect send you instant emails or text messages whenever a Z-Wave device or scene is activated so that you are kept aware of all things happening at your home.

If you already have a Tuxedo Touch WIFI installed, there is an available firmware update that will make Total Connect home automation control an option for you. Unfortunately, non-WIFI Tuxedo Touch units are built with a different circuit board and operate on an operating system that does not support this update. Therefore, if you have an existing Tuxedo Touch and want Total Connect home automation control, you will need to purchase a new Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WIFI.

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What is the model number of the sensor Caroline? If it is truly a Z-WAVE device and not a Honeywell 5800 wireless sensor, you won't be able to add it to the Tuxedo as the Tuxedo only work with Z-Wave home control devices (lights, locks and thermostats). Any security sensors need to be Honeywell wireless 5800 Series device (which we sell on our site) and your VISTA-20P system would need to have a wireless receiver connected to support those sensors. Do you know if you have a wireless receiver now? If you have any wireless Honeywell sensors that are working that would be an indication that you do have a wireless receiver and then we'd just have to confirm which version you have as different versions support different number of wireless sensors. We offer wireless Honeywell door/window sensors that work with your system (assuming you do have a wireless receiver) online at and we offer the wireless receivers online at if you don't have one currently.
I should say a ZWAVE sensor!
Does anyone know if I can program a door or window sensor for security just using the Tuxedo WIFI? Or do I have to program the sensor the old fashion way with the 20P panel?
Are there other Z-wave devices that you can see in both places? If so, you probably just need to perform a panel sync. Log in from a computer, to go Location, Edit, then "Sync Panel Data". Once it says "Automation Sync Successful" in Events and Notifications, check the app for this new Z-wave device.
I added 1 new light switch zwave on my tux keypad that I can see on my keypad but not on my phone app.
I think this article may have thrown you off a bit. You certainly can access the Tuxedo from any device on the network, and even remotely if you setup the proper forwarding on your router so that you can control the system without a monthly fee. This article talks about how you can also use Total Connect to control the automation devices tied into the Tuxedo. That was a feature upgrade for those that have Total Connect.Total Connect does require a monthly fee but it's an optional service. Therefore, this system can work for you if you want to access it remotely. Just make sure you understand that without a monitoring plan, you will never get any alerts when the alarm goes off. If you wanted that, you would need Total Connect and we do have no-contract plans as low as $10/month that will provide you with Total Connect access. Let us know if you have any other questions.
We are just looking into home automation and security for the first time. Am I to understand that with this system, you cannot access it remotely without paying for a service, even if you are not being monitored? I understand paying a 1 time fee for an app or something, but I don't like the idea of being tied to a company forever in order to use equipment I purchased. The reason we are not going with an alarm company who will provide similar equipment is because we want to use the equipment, monitored or not. We want choices about who we use and our main reason for installing all of this is for remote use. Therefore, a system that requires me to be tied to a specific company defeats the purpose and eliminates the aspect of choice we're looking for. That is disappointing as we really liked the capabilities of this system.
You should contact your seller to have them assist with your issue. They can call Honeywell and have them figure out why your TUxedo isn't working properly.
I recently updated the firmware for my tuxedo touch wifi because I was having issues... don't do it. The new version 4.4.32 won't let you remote into it and I had 4.4.31 before which I can't find anywhere. The version Honeywell has to down grade to is 4.1.15 which I thought I would try and I still can't remote in but it's a different issue so I thought I would go to accounts and delete user and add a new user... Well every time I click accounts my screen goes black and I end up having to reset it. Just thought I would post this so others don't make the same mistake I did. Pretty sad that Honeywell has know about this remote access issue since July 2013 and hasn't come up with a fix and when I try to comment on their blog, my comment doesn't get approved.
We are looking into this now Bill. If we hear more, we will let you know.
Just heard that Honeywell has pulled all Tuxedo Touch keypads from their distributors this week because of a firmware issue that Honeywell does not know how to resolve at the point. Do you know what the problem is ?
You can add the Tuxedo yourself. What version if your VISTA-20P? Look inside the beige metal cabinet that houses the green circuit board and there should be a chip in the middle of the board. Write back what's on that chip and I will let you know if the Tuxedo is compatible with your system.
I have an old Honeywell Ademco P20 (Traditional old style, the manual is copyrighted 1995!) alarm system w/3 keypads. I read that the Tuxedo can be tied in to the P20 system. The P20 would see it as a traditional keypad, but then you could add all the other features yourself. My question is, why can't I just buy on Tuxedo panel myself and add the other Zwave upgrades myself (such as thermostats, cameras, light switches, etc)? JMO, Home Automation is still is the dark ages as long as you have to have some overpriced AV guy to install.
You would have to check the revision level of your Tuxedo. If you have a regular Tuxedo Touch, it would need to be version 4.4.32L or higher. If you have a Tuxedo Touch WIFI, it would need to be 4.4.32W or higher. Also, if it is a WIFI version and is not the right version, you can actually download the new version at
i purchased my system right around the july time frame, how do i know if i have a total connect ready one?

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