Can I install more than one Tuxedo Touch on a system?

Both the Honeywell Tuxedo require the use of a single AUI (Advanced User Interface) address. The number of available AUI addresses varies depending on your security system. Thus the number of available slots for Tuxedo Touch keypads varies as well. It is important to note that the Total Connect 2.0 service uses one of the AUI address. You must subtract one AUI from the totals below if you are using Total Connect 2.0 services in any form. Please see the chart below which shows how many AUI devices each panel supports. FYI, the Lynx Touch L5100 does NOT support a tuxedo touch.

Honeywell VISTA-10P: 0 AUIs/Tuxedo Touch keypads

Honeywell VISTA-15P: 2 AUIs/Tuxedo Touch keypads

Honeywell VISTA-20P: 4 AUIs/Tuxedo Touch keypads

Honeywell VISTA-21iP: 4 AUIs/Tuxedo Touch keypads

Honeywell VISTA-50P: 0 AUIs/Tuxedo Touch keypads

Honeywell VISTA-128BPT/250BPT: 6 AUIs/Tuxedo Touch keypads

(**Please note the 128/250BPTs refer to the commercial, high-end panels with the Turbo upgrade. The older models may have less AUIs depending on the revision.)

Now that you know how many Tuxedo Touches your panel can support, you may want to know a bit more about addressing and programming. Although each panel varies a bit, it is good to know where to find this information in your programming guides. Addressing information is generally found in your panel's programming guide under the 'table of device addresses' section.

By default most panels have addresses 01 and 02 enabled for AUI devices. Since these are already enabled you will just need to map your Tuxedo Touch to one of those addresses. The Vista-20P/21iP has four available AUI addresses so you can also enable address 05 and 06 if you want to use more than two Tuxedo Touch keypads.

If you are looking for installation tips please check out our installation video for the Tuxedo Touch:

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Hello again! Yes I did try that when I got the other New panel sent me. Sounds like Honeywell knows this is an issue and doesn't know how to fix it. Hopefully a firmware update sometime will fix it. All z-wave devices work from the secondary-- the only issue is syncing names and if I add a new zwave device, I have to bring the secondary right next the primary which is annoying, but doable I guess. Thank you for all your insight and help!
Hi Chris, I didn't want to say so, but sometimes, this just does not work. You can try setting the network up again (basically exclude everything, default the primary, and rebuild the network) then try again, but there is always a chance that even that won't work. I'm sorry, but that's the only answer I have left to give you.
Thank you so much for your help- However, I did try all those steps- Discover doesn't work. When I enter the IP and MAC of the Primary at the Secondary, Sec. Tuxedo says that is accepted it and saved it but the primary doesn't show up. I have also confirmed that I am on the same WIFI network with both units. Since I started this process last Oct, I have done the following: 1) Switched Networks to see if there is a difference 2) Had Honeywell replace my Tuxedo in the event one was bad- I tried switching the Primary and the Secondary and the new one with each other with no change 3) Replaced my Router in the event that ISP router was blocking IP 4) Added the IP and ports on Router for both the Primary and the Secondary 5) Confirmed that the signals are strong and both units "IP Synced to Server" 6) Accessed both panels on a web browser and successfully controlled the system 7) Confirmed that all Zwave devices on both units are not "failed" The odd thing is that I can control all my zwave devices at the secondary, but the names and new devices will not sync- I have to physically take the secondary to the primary and sync within 10 feet. Honeywell offered no more help- they said that if the IP syncs to server, then everything should work which it doesn't. Any Help with this issue is appreciated for sure! Thank you again as your site is a resource of great information
Please check out this document: it should help you with this. Be patient, depending on the number of devices, this process can take a while.
I have 2 Tuxedo Touch Wifi's. One is a primary controller and the other a secondary. I was able to push my Z-wave devices to the secondary and they show up. The z-wave devices all function off the secondary. However I cannot seem to sync up the device NAMES. When I try to "discover" the primary on the secondary Tuxedo controller, per the instructions, it fails. I understand it does this over the network. Both units are on the same router, name subnet etc. Interestingly, the primary controller can see the secondary controller with this process. I tried to manually discover using MAC and IP and still no luck. Honeywell did offer a solution to this. I see in this thread other people had similar issues. Any answer for this problem? Thank you !
The first thing is to ensure the Kwikset lock that you are working with is a Z-wave capable. The included link discusses this topic Once you have the lock included in the system, the code that you use to arm and disarm the system will lock and unlock the door. Thus creating an environment that when you lock the door the system arms and vice versa If you need further assistance please email us at
how to programm kwikset electronic lock to alarm and disarm alarm system through tuxedo touch control panel
Correct. Secondary controllers may not see other secondary controllers. Not really needed for anything. You should be able to get all secondary tuxedos synced to the primary by removing them all. After your devices are all added to the primary, shift each secondary controller to a secondary role. Then put the primary in learning (add device) mode and press add device on the secondary. See details of secondary enrollment in page 47 of installation manual: After that each secondary should sync all devices from the primary and offer a different point of control for those same devices. Keep in mind that only the primary can learn new devices. Any secondary should be shifted to that mode before enrollment so it knows the role it needs to take.
Thanks so much for confirming that I'm not 'crazy' or 'missing something' here with the second secondary not getting updated with all info. Adding ONE secondary, of course, populates it with all info. BUt when you add a second secondary, it's missing the first secondary that you've added etc. And so on. Similarly when you add devices to the primary, they don't get populated to the secondary. I may have to play with the 'shift to secondary' option just to get all the tuxes synched. As for the ISY well, it seems to be updating OK.
We're not familiar with the ISY944i however learning a third party secondary controller just requires "learning" in it in as a normal device. The data from the controller knows that it is a controller and therefore assigns it as a secondary controller and should sync all devices from the primary automatically. Unfortunately there is no way to auto sync newly added or removed devices to a non-tuxedo touch secondary when they are included to a primary tuxedo after that secondary has already been linked. The best way to do this is your "work-around." Remove the secondary and add it back so it syncs with all the devices on the primary including the newly added/removed devices. The advantage of the secondary controller sync between Tuxedos is something unique to the Tuxedo; not a Z-Wave controller standard. I wish it was! The "switch to secondary" button is only designed to shift a primary to secondary while another controller is already in secondary mode. If done properly the secondary will become the primary. Some controllers may require that the secondary is in some type of learning mode if that feature is possible on that specific controller. Again I am not familiar with the ISY44i so I cannot speak to the exact shifting process there.
Similarly - I now have 3 Tuxedo touch keypads as well as a Universal Devices ISY944i. I was able to add them all to the primary Tuxedo. There is: Tuxedo (Foyer) - Primary Tuxedo (2nd floor) - secondary Tuxedo (3rd floor) - secondary ISY944i (basement) - secondary The Tuxedo manual page 39 or so says to synch devices push "ADD" on the primary and ADD on the secondary. The problem is, ADD on the SECONDARY is greyed out. My work-around was to initially add a zwave device to the primary, then add the secondaries. Then push ADD on the primary and try to DELETE the zwave device on the secondary. It failed but it seemed to resynch and propagate with all nodes. I was able to synch all the names by using the synch names. But there has to be a better way to do this. Note - integrating the ISY was also problematic. I put the Tuxedo primary into ADD mode and the ISY into "Recieve (learn mode)". It linked pretty quickly. Previously I put it into "switch to secondary" and it never joined. That all being said - how DOES one get the Tuxedo secondary to synch with the primary when you add/delete devices?? What am I missing here? Thanks so much!
It sounds like Central Security does not have your system programmed properly as you certainly can use Total Connect 2.0 on a VISTA-20PSIA-10.23 panel (you can see that on the panel's PROM chip) with 3 Tuxedos. Are you interested in switching to us for service so that we can help you get the system working properly? We have low-cost, no-contract plans online at and I'm confident we could get your system and TC2 service working properly for you. Hi All, So I have the system pictured with 3 Honewell Tuxedo Touchpads that work great. My guess is the board is Vista 20 because I don't think the 15 would have supported that many Tuxedos. Central Security has been trying give me remote arm or disarm ability. First they tried app called Smartsecure and ipFob, which displayed the status of the alarm system (i.e. Away, Stay, Disarmed, etc) so it was communicating. But entering my code would not arm or disarm the system. So then they came out again and switched to Total Connect. Same problem as above. Communicates and shows status, but cannot remotely arm and disarm. The technician is not saying that I cannot get remote arm/disarm to work (are maybe by Total Connect) with the 3 Tuxedo keypads because there are not enough AUI's and that is why it doesn't work. (But I think I would have 4 AUI's on this board so wouldnn't I have one left over anyway) He want me to get rid of 2 of my 3 tuxedo keypads. I really don't want to do this after investing in them. There must be a way of getting remote arm and disarm with this system. Any help appreciated.
It sounds like you may not be updating the names properly. Assuming the two devices are on the same network and they are setup properly as one being the Primary and one being the Secondary, you should just have to go to Automation > Z-Wave Setup from the Secondary and then hit the Sync Devices Name followed by the Yes option on the next screen. You should then get a "Z-Wave name synchronization completed" message if it works as expected. I would suggest trying that and we'll be curious to hear if it works.
I have 2 Tuxedo Touch Wifi's. One is a primary controller and the other a secondary. I was able to push my Z-wave devices to the secondary and they show up. The z-wave devices all function off the secondary. However I cannot seem to sync up the device NAMES. When I try to "discover" the primary on the secondary Tuxedo controller, per the instructions, it fails. I understand it does this over the network. Both units are on a wired LAN, on the same router, name subnet etc. Interestingly, the primary controller can see the secondary controller with this process. Help!
Many thanks I will try it!
Ah, okay. The SMP3 certainly works as well. Some panels don't have AUI address 5 enabled by default so that may be your problem. I'd suggest entering programming mode (Installer Code + 800) and once you see '20' or 'Installer Code 20' on the display, press *189 and then 1, 1, 1, 1 and it should beep to confirm. Then, you can press *99 to exit programming and confirm that all three Tuxedos now work.
Sorry for the bad auxiliary power supply reference. By APEX what I meant was Altronix SMP3 - Auxiliary Power Supply I just didn't have it close by. As for ECP addresses I was attempting to using AUI 5. Thanks.
What ECP addresses do you have setup for each Tuxedo? I think you are referring to our video on swapping out from an old Apex panel to the VISTA-21iP. The recommended auxiliary power supply is the AD12612.
Sterling - I have a similar setup with three tuxedo touch keypads (one is the Wi-Fi version). Two work fine but the 3rd continues to have the ECP error. I have the WI-FI version wired directly into the Vista 21IP panel and the other two on an auxiliary power source (APEX ?? you recommended it in another posting). I also ran the common ground jumper between the APEX and the panel but continue to get the ECP error. Any suggestions for the next thing to try? Right now I don't have any other devices that would draw power from the panel hooked up. Thanks.
Ya, if they are all automatic scenes, you shouldn't need to have them showing on all Tuxedos as they will run as long as the primary is working. Glad to hear the jumper fixed the ECP errors.
Scenes are programmed to run on their own. I think I may have just answered my own question. Yes, I ran the jumper this morning based on a section in the installation manual I found last night. Still working on it, but it seems to have solved the problem. Thanks!
Are these scenes you run manually via the Tuxedo or are they scenes programmed to run on their own? Did you run the common ground jumper wire from the DC negative (-) terminal on the auxiliary power supply to the panel's negative power output terminal (#4 from the left)?
Hi guys - I have a Vista 21iP running 3 tuxedo touch wifi's and a 6160RF. I have a couple of issues I'd like to see if you can assist with. First - I set up my z wave devices on the primary and was able to sync them to the two secondary tuxedos with no problem. However, I cannot seem to get the scenes I program in to sync to the other 2. The manual says nothing about this. Do I have to program the scenes, light groupings and rooms on each one individually? Second - When I initially set up my system, I included a secondary power supply and battery as suggested in your FAQs (I purchased the 2.5W you listed), but when I connect the 2 secondary tuxedos to the secondary power supply, I get ECP errors. Is there a trick to wiring these up to avoid that? Thanks for all your help and the AWESOME service you guys provide!!
I'm glad to hear we were helpful. Let us know if you need anything else and keep in mind we offer no-contract monitoring plans for Honeywell systems at
Great thanks for the help! Your a life saver. I basically had to remove all zwave devices from secondary controller. Then Make it be a secondary controller and then add at both the primary and secondary controllers. Then I was able to synch all zwave devices to the secondary as it states on page 41. Your the best!
The process is detailed at the top of page 42 in the installation guide -
Yes the primary one is showing all devices. How do you use the secondary controller shift feature?
Is the primary Tuxedo showing all the devices? If so, you just need to use the Secondary Controller shift feature to push all those devices to the other Tuxedos.
I upgraded to new software on 2 tuxedo touches that I have. Now the the zwave items I have installed are not synched up. One shows some zwave devices the other shows them all. How do I get both tuxedos on the same page?
So what exactly is showing on the display? "System Lo Batt?" Do you have a backup battery plugged into the alarm system in the metal cabinet?
I have 2 led keypads that came with the installation. I am switching one of the keypad for a tuxedo touch. Now, I keep getting warning that the battery is running out. The whole vista21ip is only 2 years old. The transformer is a 40vac unit. I thought maybe the transformer is the problem. But after much searching, I am led to believe this is the max that this panel can tolerate. If so, I wonder why my battery has to constantly kicked in to supplement the necessary power. Can you help?
Yes, you'll need a VISTA-128BPT ( ), if you want to use a Tuxedo Touch.
So what are my options with a 50P ? I need to replace it ?

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