How do I Program a Honeywell 5877 to My L7000?

The Honeywell 5877 is a wireless relay designed to control a garage overhead door motor. It comes bundled with a SSA-1 Z-Wave siren/strobe in the form of the Honeywell 5877GDPK. You cannot purchase the 5877 standalone. The siren offers local audiovisual notification which meets liability standards. If you have have lasers on the bottom of the door these will also prevent the door from injuring anyone. The 5877 is a small plastic enclosure with a single LED which offers the live status of the alarm system after it's paired. See table below.

First the relay should be wired locally to the garage motor. This requires a 2 conductor cable (between 18-22AWG) from the relay to the motor's control connections. Each motor is slight different but the general rule is to land the connection in parallel (on top of) the existing wiring to the wall mounted push button. Then connect one wire to the common marked as "com" and the other to the normally open "NO" terminal. Then plug in the included transformer to a local power outlet. In most cases there is an extra ceiling mounted outlet in the same receptacle where the motor is powered from. Now it is time to pair the 5877 to the L7000.

The 5877 simply controls the garage motor but it does offer any open/close status. For that we recommend the 5822T garage tilt sensor. If you are controlling a door motor that is not an overhead door you can use the 5816 or 5816OD. It is imperative to program the garage door sensor into specific "garage door" zones. These are zones 45 through 48. Each zone is allocated to a garage door slot in the automation section of the L7000. For example, zone 45 maps to Garage Door 1. Then 46 to 2, 47 to 3 and 48 to 4. If you already have a garage door sensor programmed in the proper slots you will see a garage door symbol on the door allocated to that slot. For example, garage door 1 will show a garage door symbol with that door open or closed. If you do not have your garage door sensor programmed or plan to only use the relay that is fine. Just realize that you simply be toggling the motor up and down without any indication of the status. You can always enroll a sensor later to the proper zone that maps to the relay you program now.

From the home screen of the L7000 go to Automation, press the down key and enter the "garage door setup." Choose a garage door (keep in mind the zone mapping listed above) and press "assign device." Then click "enter serial number" and manually enter the serial number listed on the 5877. It is the only 7-digit number listed on the back of the relay. There is no way to auto enroll it sadly. After you enter the serial click done and press the "learn" function. This will test the relay and you should hear a clicking sound if its functioning properly. Now you can confirm wiring on the relay and test the garage door.

Go back into Automation and this time press on "Garages" before hitting the down key. Then click on the garage door you enrolled and press the garage symbol where it says "press to operate." There is a slight delay (between 5 to 10 seconds) between the button press and the relay response. Again without a garage door sensor programmed in the matching slot the garage door symbol will not change as it has nothing to report status.

If you have Total Connect 2.0 or plan to enroll in the service you will have remote access from the app as long your dealers enables remote automation services. Automation may or may not be included in your monitoring services. Be sure to ask your monitoring provider how to enable it if you do not have it already. We happen to bundle this service with our silver level no contract monitoring plans and higher.

* If you plan on linking the siren/strobe you can press the include button in the garage door setup window on the L7000. Then press the ID function on the siren/strobe device. This will require the L5100-ZWAVE controller. Without it the include and exclude icons will not even show up.

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