How do I stop a Honeywell LYNX Touch from boot looping?

So your LYNX Touch L5100, L5200 or L7000 security system is stuck in a boot loop? Generally, this is not a hardware issue or a "bad" LYNX Touch alarm system. We support and monitor enough LYNX Touches that we now know that this is normally a software issue that is causing your system to boot loop. A boot loop is a series of repeating reboot cycles caused by a glitch that continues to repeat itself. It is directly associated with the L5100-WIFI internet communication module trying to establish a network connection before it boots up fully. If this connection can't be established, the system will reboot and try again. If it still can't join, you can end up in a frustrating boot loop where you can't get the system to power up at all with the WIFI module installed. If you have this issue, simply power the system down and remove the WIFI and you can see if your boot loops are IP issues as if they are, the system will boot up normally with the WIFI removed.

We have drawn a strong correlation to managed networks that use static (fixed) IP addresses and people that report the boot loop issue. So we recommend always configuring the panel as DHCP (dynamically assigned IP addressing), instead of Static IP. When managing your network, you can either assign a Static IP to a device so it stays on that IP address or you can setup a reserved DHCP address in your network and let the device handle changing addresses as needed. Since both setups accomplish the same thing (making sure that a device has a valid IP address to communicate on, without causing WIFI connectivity issues or IP conflicts), we urge everyone to use DHCP as the panel side. If you program your system for a Static IP and either put in a wrong IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway IP or DNS Server IP, or if somehow the network settings that make those addresses valid changes, the panel will try and join to the IPs programmed in the panel for Static IP and because it can't connect, it will crash and try again putting you into the boot loop sequence. The problem with the boot loop issue is that the setting that is causing it, is only accessible with the WIFI module installed. Therefore, once the boot loops start, you are in a tough situation. The WIFI module needs to be installed to change from Static IP back to DHCP but when the WIFI module is installed, the panel boot loops.

The only way to solve this issue is to default the communicator settings on the panel. However you will not have access to the comm settings without a valid communicator installed. Since your WIFI unit is already boot looping, you will need to remove the WIFI module and install a GSM unit. You have two options: the Honeywell GSMVLP5-4G or the Honewell 3GL. The 3GL is a more cost effective and popular option. After you have powered down and remove the WIFI, we will need to install the GSM unit. Once the GSM is installed, we can power up the system. You should notice that the system will boot up properly. If it continues to boot loop without the WIFI module contact the seller of the equipment.

After you boot up the system with the GSM only, we need to factory reset the communications on the panel. Do the following: Security > More > Tools > Enter your installer code > Program > Comm Diagnostics > Down Key > Setup Communication > Factory Defaults. This will reset the communicator settings and solve the boot looping issue. It will not clear out any other programming such as zones or anything besides the communicator settings.

After the comm settings are reset, you can power down again and install the WIFI module. Then power up again. The system should no longer boot loop. If it does then contact the seller and discuss the possibility of warranty replacement. Assuming the panel is now powering up properly with the WIFI on board, you can now choose to go back to WIFI only monitoring or setup a dual path system. A dual path system is far more reliable since the cellular communicator will send signals over the AT&T network if the internet connection ever fails. We offer no contract monitoring options for both setup with free tech support and remote programming.

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If you press Security > More > Tools > enter Master Code > Test what is the panel version on that page? Also, do you have any cellular module installed or L5100-ZWAVE module installed? Finally, if you open the unit, there's a small white rectangular sticker on the green circuit board with a letter followed by 3 numbers. Can you provide that information? If easier, just send a picture. Feel free to email and reference this discussion.
I apologize for the delayed reply. We don't seem to have received our normal support ticket from your initial post so we hadn't noticed you posted. Are you still having this issue? Do you have a cellular module or L5100-ZWAVE module installed?
L5200 no Wifi, the control panel will boot every hour Any recommendations?
I have a 5100 without the wifi module and I did the reset trick to get access as it came with my house and I had no codes for it. Ever since I reset the code it gets stuck in a boot loop sometimes it stays up for 10 minutes other thems 3 hours. Sometimes when it reboots it and says system stand by. Any ideas? Should I factory reset everything? This was a monitored panel prior to my ownership.
Thanks will do.
Okay, well if you have it setup like that, you have used the wrong addresses. AUI addresses are 1, 2, 5 and 6. TC2 would usually use 2 so leaving that one open is a good idea. You'll need to check your panel programming first to ensure addresses 5 and 6 are enabled in field *189 as they aren't always enabled by default, depending on the age of your system. Once you've verified that 1, 2, 5 and 6 are all enabled in *189, you'll need to double check the ECP setup on each Tux to ensure they are set for 1, 5 and 6.
Thanks Sterling. I believe so but I will check this weekend. The system is in a rental property in another location. If I recall the ECP for the Wi-Fi unit is "1" and the ECP for the other 2 KP's is "3" and "5" with the latter unit experiencing the reboot loop. I left ECP "2" open as the virtual in case I wanted TC2 at some future time.
Are you sure all three Tuxedos are set to a unique ECP address and that the ECP address on all three aren't conflicting with a virtual ECP address that Total Connect 2.0 woudl be using (assuming you have TC2)?
Sterling -- I have 3 Tuxedo Touch's (2-non Wi-Fi, 1-wifi) and a Vista 21 IP panel. When I boot the system up all works fine but one of the non Wi-Fi Tuxedos goes into a reboot loop. Is this a static IP address issue as well or something different given its only one of the keypads rebooting? On previous reboots when I was solving the ECP error this didn't happen. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Happy to help and please keep us updated as to whether or not the ILP5 solves your issue. You could also always tell your seller your panel is boot looping and you want them to replace it under warranty. Once you have a working setup, we'd be happy to provide you with Total Connect 2.0 service on one of our self monitoring plans. Unfortunately, the panel Default Config probably will not solve the problem.
thanks for the information. As I'm in Belgium, taking a GSM then returning with be quite expensive (more than 100$*2 only for shipping ;) ). My first idea was trying a factory reset, but not sure it resets also the communication panel. As I have access to wired connection, ilp5 is also a good opportunity to avoid those problems. I will see what is possible with my budget. Many thanks for your patience
I do think you could use the ILP5. Also, the suggestion to use the GSM wouldn't require you to use the GSM once you've solved the boot loop issue. The idea would be to use the GSM to get it out of the boot loop and then just return the device.
Hi, thanks for your help, but that doesn't work it stays with an endless boot. I indeed put static IP but this ip is free when it boots, so there should be no problems. buying an uneeded GSM module only because developpers at honeywell are not able to resolve such kind of issue seems too expensive Do you think that I can use a ILP5 instead or is the L5100 software definitly too crapy for network usage?
Did you happen to try setting it up for Static IP instead of DHCP? You can try hard powering the system down by removing the battery and unplugging the transformer. With the system powered down, reboot your router (leaving it offline for 30 seconds). Once the router is powered back on and providing internet to the home again, power the system back up (battery first). Let us know if that gets it powered up normally.
Hi, it's a L5100 with a wifi module, no monitoring (As I have no other communication module), but I wanted to add wifi connection for a selfmonitored contract
Which alarm system do you have and which communicator is installed? Also, is your system being monitored currently?
Hi, I have the same problem of boot loop. I don't own an other communication module. Is it possible to reset the unit at factory default?
It sounds like you tried joining with a way (WPA) that failed. The "bug" in the panel that makes it reboot if it can't join the network it's supposed to join is why it continues to boot loop. You can't change it from WPA with only a WIFI module because it boot loops with the WIFI in and when the WIFI is out, you can't access the screens within Comm Diagnostics that you need to change the WPA setting. With a GSM installed, you can access those screens and default them so that you can then add the WIFI back in. I hope this helps and I'm glad our videos have been helpful. Check out our no-contract monitoring options online at We have Total Connect 2.0 standalone plans (bottom 4 plans) and we have central station plans with Total Connect 2.0 service included (top 4 plans).
Hi Sterling, Thanks for the reply. It all started when I was unable to get my Lynx virtual keypads on my two tablets to connect, so I tried the WPA connect button in the WIFI menu on the panel of my 5200 and my router. Mistake. It searched and after a minute, it rebooted with the loop. I pulled the WIFI module and it works fine without it. It was set to DHCP. I should have been clearer when I said "... not looking for monitoring." I meant active monitoring since I live out of the country. I decided to buy the GSMVLP5-4G so if it happens to my unit again here or my mother's unit in CA, I can get out of the loop. Nice "bug". I heard software updates do not fix it. I recently found your very informative videos on the Lynx and Vista units. I also have a vista unit at a home in CA. The videos would have saved me a lot of trials and errors with the Vista. I have watched about 10 at this point. Keep up the great work and videos. I am really impressed.
Had you set your panel to Static IP or DHCP? Did anything change recently with your wireless network in your home? You can certainly use the ILP5, but if you aren't interested in monitoring why do you need any communication module installed?
Did you solve your problem?
I ran into the same boot loop but I am not sure how. I removed the WIFI module and it boots fine. Can I use the ILP5 module to solve the problem? It costs less than the GSM options and I am not looking for monitoring. Thanks for any input.
I would assume you had the panel connected to your WIFI network at one point. If so, have you tried powering your router down for a full 30 seconds and then once it's back online, powering the system down, installing the WIFI module and powering back up?
My l5200 is set for dhcp and it is stuck looping. Removing the wifi module does stop the looping. But I do not have the cellular module to do the recommended fix. So right now I have to use it without the sucks
Glad we were able to help!
This worked like a champ... thanks!
It's only possible via the app with a monitoring account. We offer standalone Total Connect 2.0 service with our self monitoring plans at the bottom of our sign up page at if you are interested.
Just wanted to let you know, and everyone experiencing the same issue, that it WORKED!!! For both units. Thanks again :) Btw, regarding a previous subject... I get the meteo information in ºF degrees, but I've seen images (the app, for example) where it shows in ºC. Is there any setting (couldn't find one), or is it only possible with subscription?
Glad to be of assistance. We look forward to working with you.
Ok, once I get this wifi issue fixed, I'll get in touch. Thanks again for your help!
Yes, you'd have to be setup with one of our self monitoring plans if you wanted a firmware update. Unfortunately, the update won't fix the time zone issue as the panel doesn't have any European time zones on any firmware versions.
Hi Sterling, I live in Portugal, guess only self monitoring applies. I intend to try it one of these days, once I manage to get wifi working again. Will it be possible to update firmware remotely, with a subscription? One more question - the date/time auto-updates from the net (or it did when wifi was working), but it doesn't have any European timezone... so the time is always wrong. And the time format (only 12h not 24h, minor issue though), and also the temperature in ºF, not ºC as we use around here. Is there any way around it? Thanks
Hi Paulo, We're not entirely sure that a firmware update will solve the problem but it certainly is worth a shot. Are you monitored by anyone with either system?
Hi, I have 2x Lynx L7000 units, and both have that problem. The first one I bought was being used in main house, one time I tried to reboot and it got stuck in a loop, as described above. After many attempts, removed the modules (zwave and wifi) and it boot up normally. Tried one at a time, found that the wifi module was causing it. I thought the module was to blame so bought another, no success. My initial conclusion was that something was wrong with the unit, and decided to install it in my garage, as I needed something there as well (I live in an appartment, the garage is too far apart), no wifi there anyway. Bought another L7000 unit for inside the house, everything worked normally for a few months and now I'm having the same problem again!!! Thankfully I've came accross this page, this might explain it - in fact I had both with static IP, never crossed my mind that would be a problem. I'm now waiting for the 3GL module to arrive so I can test that solution - and hopefully fix both units! Thanks for the info! One question, though - is there any firmware update that solves this?

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