How Do I Turn Off My Honeywell Alarm System?

You can turn off your Honeywell Alarm System by disconnecting both of its power supplies. These include its backup battery and its plug-in transformer. You should disconnect the backup battery before unplugging the transformer. Once both are disconnected, the panel will shut down.

When you want to turn your system back on, first plug-in the transformer. Then reconnect the backup battery. The panel should automatically turn back on. It will usually take a few minutes for this process to complete. You can confirm that the system has powered on by checking its display screen or keypad.

To power off a Honeywell Alarm System, complete the following steps, in this order:

1. Disconnect the battery. Every Honeywell Control Panel has a backup battery. The location of this battery varies between different systems. On a wireless all-in-one panel, you may have to remove its back cover to access the battery. The battery on a wireless Honeywell Panel will typically be plugged into the circuit board. In this case, simply unplug the battery from the circuit board to disconnect the battery.

On a Honeywell VISTA Series panel, the backup battery is usually a large black box found inside the system's beige metal cabinet. There will be a positive terminal and a negative terminal on the battery. Disconnect the wires from both of these terminals to disconnect the battery.

2. Unplug the transformer. There will be a plug-in transformer that runs from the security panel to the wall outlet. You must unplug this transformer to power down your Honeywell System. Often, the transformer will be screwed into the wall outlet. If this is the case, you will need a screwdriver to unscrew the transformer. You can then gently pull it out from the wall outlet.

3. Confirm the power down. Check the panel's display screen or keypad to make sure that the system is powered down. If it was powered down successfully, then the keypad or display screen will be completely blank.

The video below will show you how to power down a Honeywell VISTA System:

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