How Do I Use a Honeywell Home Tuxedo to Add & Delete Zones?

You can use a Honeywell Home Tuxedo to add and delete zones by accessing Console Mode on the keypad. When the Tuxedo is in Console Mode, it operates in the same manner as an Alphanumeric Keypad. You can then follow the same method as a Alphanumeric Keypad to add and delete system zones.

Every programmed sensor will use at least one zone on the VISTA System. Zones are programmed using the [*56] field of programming. You can perform the same programming functions from the Resideo Tuxedo Console Mode as what you can perform from an Alphanumeric Keypad. This includes accessing the [*56] command field to add and delete sensors for the system. For this FAQ, we will cover the process for accessing Console Mode, as well as the initial programming steps. For a more complete guide to programming sensors, please see this FAQ, or refer to Page 19 of the programming guide.

Complete the following steps to add and delete zones using a Resideo Tuxedo Keypad:

1. Access Console Mode. Start from the main screen of the Tuxedo. Choose Security. Then click on the circle with the three (3) dots inside of it on the right-hand side of the screen. Then select Console Mode. You will enter Console Mode, and a Alphanumeric Keypad will be emulated on the screen.

2. Enter Zone Programming. You will now be using the Resideo Tuxedo just like an Alphanumeric Keypad. Start by entering programming with the command [Installer Code] + [8] + [00]. Remember that the default Installer Code for a VISTA System is 4112. You will know that you have entered programming because the message "Installer Code 20" will be displayed on the screen. Then enter Zone Programming by entering [*56].

3. Configure or delete zone. You will first be prompted to "Set to Confirm 0=No, 1=Yes". If you press "1", then you will be prompted to confirm sensor Serial Numbers after they have been entered. You can then choose to skip this step or confirm the Serial Number. If you press "0", then you will automatically skip this step. You will then be asked to choose the Zone Number you want to work with. All Zones are expressed in two (2) digits. If you wanted to work with Zone 9, then you would enter in [09]. Press the [*] key after selecting the desired zone. You will now see a Summary Screen for the zone. Press [*] again.

You will then set the Zone Type for the zone. This may also be referred to as the Response Type. This setting determines how the system responds when the zone is faulted. Every Zone Type is expressed in two (2) digits. For example, if you want the Entry/Exit 1 Zone Type, then you would enter [01]. For a complete list of Zone Types, please refer to Page 36 of the programming guide. If you want to delete a zone, enter in [00] as the Zone Type.

You can then proceed to configure the zone like normal. The [*] key will move you forward through each prompt. The [#] key will take you back one screen at a time if you go forward too far. Go through each programming field, and configure the zone settings accordingly. Again, refer to the FAQ linked earlier for more information on adding and deleting zones.

When deleting a zone, after entering a Zone Type of [00] and pressing [*] you will be prompted, "Delete Zone? 0=No, 1=Yes". Press [1]. This will bring you back to the "Enter Zone Number" prompt.

4. Exit programming. Once you have gone through and programmed all of the fields for the zone, you will reach the "Enter Zone Number" prompt to choose a new zone. You can exit Zone Programming by entering [00] at this prompt. From there, press [*99] to exit programming. The Tuxedo Keypad will reboot as part of the programming process. When the reboot has completed, it will again be in Touchscreen Mode.

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