How Do You Connect a 2GIG TS1 Keypad with a 2GIG GC3 Panel?

The 2GIG TS1 keypad cannot connect with a 2GIG GC3 panel. This is because the TS1 keypad is designed to be used with the 2GIG GC2 panel, and it is not supported by the GC3. Users who want a secondary touch screen keypad for their GC3 system should consider either the 2GIG SP1 or SP2.

The 2GIG TS1 wireless touch screen keypad is designed to provide users with another access point for controlling their 2GIG GC2 security system. This can be convenient for users who want to access their security system from another area of their house, such as their basement or back door. The 2GIG GC2 security panel is able to support up to four different 2GIG TS1 keypads.

The video shown below provides more information on how to connect a 2GIG TS1 keypad with a 2GIG GC2 security panel:

Users who want a secondary touch screen keypad for their 2GIG GC3 security system must use either the 2GIG SP1 or SP2. The SP1 and SP2 provide similar functions as the 2GIG TS1, but they are designed to be connected with the 2GIG GC3 panel. The biggest difference between the SP1 and SP2 is that the SP1 provides control for home automation setup, including all z-wave scenes, while the SP2 does not support this feature.

Users also have the option of using a 2GIG PAD1-345 keypad as a secondary controller for their 2GIG GC3 security panel. However, this wireless keypad does not feature a display screen, meaning that it may not be as user-friendly as the SP1 and SP2.

Many users find the display screens present on the SP1 and SP2 to be helpful when using the keypad. That is why we recommend the SP1 and the SP2 over the PAD1-345. Still, the 2GIG PAD1-345 is certainly a viable alternative that can be used. Adding the 2GIG PAD 1-345 is a relatively simple process.

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