How Does RF Supervision Work On a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System?

RF supervision works on a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System by requiring that the panel receives a check-in signal at least once within a certain time period. The required check-in periods vary between different sensor types. If no check-in is received, then RF supervision loss occurs.

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The term "RF supervision loss" means that the panel is unable to detect a programmed wireless sensor. This could be because the sensor is powered down due to its batteries being removed or its batteries dying, or because the sensor has been taken out of RF signal range of the panel. RF supervision loss won't occur the instant a sensor is powered down or taken out of wireless range. Instead, an RF supervision loss condition will only occur once the sensor has failed to check-in with the panel after a set period of time.

It is important to also understand that some RF supervision issues arise due to changes in the environment. Some new environmental change in the building could be preventing sensor check-in signals from reaching the panel. This could be due to a new large metal appliance like a stove or refrigerator, new walls that have been installed in the building, or even a large mirror that was recently installed. Make sure to consider if environmental changes might be causing RF transmission issues.

The main sensor types that are used with a Honeywell Lyric Panel include Honeywell 5800 Sensors, Honeywell SiX Sensors, and 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors. The panel must receive at least one (1) check-in signal within a certain period of time, or else RF supervision loss will occur for that zone. This time period differs between different types of wireless sensors. Additionally, the sensors will send out check-in signals at different time intervals. The time intervals for when each sensor type will send out a check-in signal are listed below.

  • Honeywell 5800 Sensors: Once every 70-90 Minutes (randomized)
  • Honeywell SiX Sensors (Intrusion): Every 60 Minutes
  • Honeywell SiX Sensors (Life-Safety - SiXSMOKE, SiXCOMBO): Every 1 Minute
  • 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors: Every 70 minutes
  • Honeywell LKP500 Keypad: Every 1 Minute

The Lyric Panel must receive at least one (1) check-in signal from the sensor within a certain time period, or else an RF supervision loss condition will occur. The time period to receive a check-in signal varies based on the type of sensor that is being used. The time periods in which the Lyric Panel must receive at least one (1) check-in signal are listed below:

  • Honeywell 5800 Sensors: Every 12 Hours
  • Honeywell SiX Sensors (Intrusion): Every 6 Hours
  • Honeywell SiX Sensors (Life-Safety): Every 2 Hours
  • 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors: Every 12 Hours
  • Honeywell LKP500 Keypad: Every 2 Hours

If you get an RF supervision loss condition, then you must first correct the problem, by bringing the sensor within RF signal range of the system while the sensor is powered on. Cause the sensor to send a signal to the panel by faulting and restoring (burglary devices) or by pressing the test button (life-safety devices). Make sure to put your system on test mode first if you are pressing the test button on a life-safety sensor! Then perform a double disarm at the panel. Do this by pressing the picture of the house on the front of the panel and entering your Master Code. Doing this twice will perform a double disarm. If the signal was received, the RF supervision loss trouble should then clear from the panel.

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