How many key fobs can be added to the L5200?

The Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch alarm system has 16 specified zones for RF security key fob buttons. That means the panel supports 16 RF key fob buttons so 4 x 4-button key fobs if all 4 buttons are programmed. If you have individual panic buttons such as the 5802WXT then you can have as many as 16. Each zone is mapped to a specific function and button on the key fob itself. There are different types of the key fobs but the most popular and affordable is the Honeywell 5834-4 key fob. This is a 4-button device that can be programmed to trigger up to 8 commands (or zones) by using single and double button presses. By default, these key fobs are setup to arm away, arm stay, disarm and trigger a panic or do nothing if set to response. 

Zones 140 through 155 are allocated for the 16 RF key zones. Zones 1-64 are generally used for Burglary, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Flood, etc. If you are looking to have more key fobs the Honeywell L7000 LYNX Touch supports up to 24 RF keys (zones 140-163). The L7000 also has a larger touchscreen display at 7 inches diagonally compared to the L5200's at 4.7 inches. 

Key fobs are a great tool which allow you to set all zones to perimeter and keep your property more secure. The 5834-4 key fob has a 200 foot RF range. This makes it easy to disarm as you approach the premise. Leaving no delay periods on entry doors is a great way to protect your L5200 security system from a "Smash & Grab" event. The only other way to protect the system from being destroyed before stopping an intrusion is to setup central station monitoring. 

We offer no contract monitoring services and the Basic and Plus+ Monitoring plans include a central station. The L5200 uses a proprietary Honeywell technology known as APL (Advanced Protection Logic) to send a ping to the central station when a entry/exit zone is faulted when the system is armed. The central station will hold the ping until the delay period expires. If they do not receive an alarm or a disarm they assume the alarm panel has been compromised. At this point, they go through the steps of verifying the alarm then dispatching if necessary. 

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