How to find device addresses for a Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel?

Certain devices need to be programmed with a device address before they will work with a VISTA-20P alarm control panel.

Wireless receivers, graphic touchscreen (AUI) keypads like the Tuxedo Touch and Tuxedo Touch WIFI, regular alarm keypads like the 6150 and 6160, AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicators, the 4286 voice module, zone expanders like the 4229 and 4219, relay modules like the 4204 and the 5800TM wireless transmitter module all use a device address. Some of the devices are automatically assigned to the correct device address once they are installed, while other devices require the device address to be programmed.

A Honeywell wireless receiver uses device address 00 and is auto assigned once you wire it the VISTA-20P and program a zone with a wireless input type.

AUI keypads use device addresses 01, 02, 05, and 06. Address 01 and 02 are enabled by default but address 05 and 06 need to be be enabled through programming field *189, if you would like to use additional AUI keypads. You will need to program the correct AUI address into the graphic touchscreen keypad as well before the keypad will work.

An AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator gets programmed to device address 03 by enabling field *29.

The 4286 voice module gets automatically programmed to device address 04 when the phone module access code is enabled in programming field *28.

The 4219 and 4229 zone expanders get assigned to address 07, 08, 09, 10 or 11 depending on the dip switch settings on the zone expander module. As soon as you wire up the expander and program a zone using the expander, the correct device address will automatically become enabled.

All console keypads need to be addressed. Address 16-23 are available device addresses for keypads but only address 16 is enabled by default. You will need to address 17-23 be enabling programming fields *191-196. You will also need to program the device address into each keypad as well.

Device address 25 is enabled for Total Connect remote interactive service by enabling programming field *91. There is no device assigned to this address as Total Connect is a remote alarm monitoring service.

Finally, device address 28 for the 5800TM wireless transmitter module is automatically enabled.

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