Is It Possible to Program a 21iP w/ a Tuxedo Touch?

Yes, the Tuxedo Touch can be used to program a Honeywell VISTA-21iP alarm system. Within the Tuxedo's user interface, there is a virtual keypad that can be used for issuing hand commands. The keypad emulation has the same number and function keys that are found on a regular physical keypad.

The Tuxedo Touch is able to access all of the VISTA-21iP programming fields with its virtual keypad. The Tuxedo Touch virtual keypad has the same button layout and user interface as hand programming with a regular alphanumeric keypad. However, the Tuxedo Touch cannot help a user get back into system programming in the event that they have been locked out. The programming sub-menu is accessed by entering the installer code + 800 (the default installer code is 4112). There are two commands to exit programming mode, *98 and *99. The *99 command exits programming and lets a user get back in with the installer code + 800 command. If the user entered the *98 command, they will exit programming and be locked out from accessing it using the installer code. To get back into programming, the user will need to use the backdoor method.

The backdoor method lets a user get back into system programming when they are locked out. To perform the backdoor method, the system must be fully powered down, and then the * and # keys must be pressed simultaneously within 50 seconds of powering up. The Tuxedo Touch is not able to perform this command. If the Tuxedo Touch is the only keypad on the system, the user will be locked out of programming locally. To resolve this, they will need to contact their alarm company and have them login and unlock the panel. For this reason, it’s recommended to have a 6160 alphanumeric keypad available for programming.

The 6160 is an alphanumeric keypad that's compatible with the VISTA-21iP. The keypad has a backlit numbered keypad, programmable function keys and a backlit two line LCD display. The keypad can access every programming field on the system, and it can perform the backdoor method if a user ever gets locked out of programming. Many users who only have a Tuxedo Touch installed on their system will install a 6160 by the panel for programming purposes.

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