Is the DW10 the Same as the DW10-345?

Yes, the DW10 is the same as the DW10-345. Both names refer to the same wireless slim door and window sensor from 2GIG. These names are used interchangeably by both 2GIG and security system installers. The device is great for users with compatible panels who need a door/window contact.

2gig dw10 wireless slim door slash window contactThe 2GIG DW10-345 is recognized as a vanishing slim door contact. Its model name can be broken down into several parts. 2GIG is the manufacturer. DW stands for door and window. 10 is the model number. 345 references the 345 MHz frequency that the sensor communicates at. The sensor measures in at 2.59"L x 1.03"W x 0.49"D. Its included magnet measures 1.3"L x 0.435"W x 0.312"D. This makes it discreet enough for virtually any application. It is powered using two CR2032 coin cell batteries.

As a contact sensor, the DW10 functions in a relatively standard manner. The sensor is usually mounted on the door or window frame. The magnet is then mounted on the moving portion of the door or window within a half-inch of the sensor. When the door or window is opened, the magnet will move and separate from the sensor. The sensor will recognize this and alert the panel to let it know that the door or window has been opened. The system will then respond based on the programming settings for that zone.

The key when using the 2GIG DW10 is to keep compatible security systems in mind. The sensor is part of the 2GIG 345 MHz Sensor Lineup. These wireless sensors are specifically designed with 2GIG Security Systems in mind. This includes the 2GIG GC2 and 2GIG GC3 Panels. The sensor will also work with the Honeywell Lyric Controller with the appropriate firmware update and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus with Legacy Honeywell & 2GIG Daughtercard.

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