Is the Resideo PROA7C Compatible w/ All Resideo PROSIX Sensors?

Yes, the Resideo PROA7C is compatible with all Resideo PROSIX Sensors. All of the PROSIX Sensors from Honeywell Home and Resideo work with ProSeries Panels like the PROA7C. The system also supports Honeywell SiX Sensors and one (1) of five (5) legacy frequencies if a PROTAKEOVER is added.

You may find PROSIX Sensors sold under the Honeywell Home and Resideo banners. These sensors are specifically made for ProSeries Alarm Panels like the PROA7C. All of the ProSeries Alarm Panels can readily support them, with no additional hardware being needed. These sensors enroll to the (127) encrypted zones on the system. They offer 128-bit AES encryption for wireless security, making them some of the most secure devices on the market. It is important to note though that some PROSIX devices may require that the system is on a high enough firmware version to support them. For instance, the PROSiX Wireless Repeater (PROSIXRPTR) and the PROSiX Wireless Heat (PROSIXHEAT) require that the ProSeries Security System is on Firmware Version 3.591.92.0 or higher.

The Honeywell SiX Series Sensors that were originally made for the Honeywell Lyric will also work with the ProSeries Panels, including the PROA7C. Just like with the PROSIX Sensors, no added hardware is needed for a ProSeries System to support the SiX Sensors. One interesting thing with the SiX Sensors though is that after one of these devices has been enrolled with a ProSeries Panel, it can never be enrolled with a Lyric System again. The SiX Sensors occupy the same (127) encrypted zones as the PROSIX Sensors.

You can also use legacy, non-encrypted sensors with the Resideo PROA7C and other ProSeries Panels, but only after a Honeywell Home PROTAKEOVER Module has been added to the system. On the PROTAKEOVER Module there is a dial, and you use that dial to determine which legacy frequency will be supported. Depending on how you set the dial, the system can support Honeywell 5800 Sensors, 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors, legacy 319.5 MHz sensors (Qolsys, Interlogix/GE), legacy 433 MHz sensors (DSC), or legacy Bosch Sensors. Only one (1) legacy frequency can be selected with the PROTAKEOVER dial, and only one (1) PROTAKEOVER device can be installed inside a PROA7C. This means that just one (1) legacy frequency can be selected and supported at any given time, and the system will have no way of supporting the other four (4) unselected frequencies. The legacy sensors occupy (123) legacy zones on the PROA7C, and these zones cannot be used unless a PROTAKEOVER is installed. One thing to note about the PROTAKEOVER Module though is that it cannot support life-safety sensor or key fob devices. This makes it impossible to use legacy life-safety sensors and legacy key fobs with the PROA7C.

When you combine the (127) encrypted zones for PROSIX and SiX Sensors with the (123) legacy zones for sensors that communicate with an added PROTAKEOVER Module, you reach (250), which is the total number of zones for a PROA7C or other ProSeries Security System. What is important to note though is that each and every system zone, those being Zone Number 1 through Zone Number 250, is capable of being used as either an encrypted sensor zone, or a legacy sensor zone. Whenever a new sensor is enrolled with the system, no matter whether it is an encrypted sensor or a legacy sensor, it is always assigned the lowest available Zone Number. Therefore, depending on the order you enroll your sensors, any Zone Number can be assigned an encrypted sensor or a legacy sensor. The only rule is that you can never exceed (127) encrypted sensors or (123) legacy sensors.

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