Is the Tuxedo Touch WIFI an AlarmNet Communicator?

No, the Tuxedo Touch WIFI is not an AlarmNet Communicator. It will not allow your system to connect to Total Connect 2.0. The Tuxedo Touch WIFI uses its IP connection to relay Z-Wave information to and from Total Connect 2.0. It also uses the internet to obtain the current weather forecast.

Honeywell tuxedo touch wifi talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypad

The Tuxedo Touch is designed for use with VISTA Series Systems. It operates as both a touchscreen keypad and as a Z-Wave controller. A user can conveniently arm and disarm their system using their Tuxedo Touch, and it even offers a console mode for making system programming changes. Z-Wave devices and smart scenes can be activated directly from the Tuxedo Touch.

Many DIY users think that since the Tuxedo Touch offers IP connectivity, it must also function as an alarm monitoring communicator. But that is not the case. The VISTA System will still need a separate module for communicating with the AlarmNet Servers and Total Connect 2.0. The system will use that communicator to send out alarm signals and receive commands from Total Connect 2.0.

However, the internet connection used with the Tuxedo Touch still offers some useful functions. The Tuxedo Touch uses its internet connection to let Total Connect 2.0 know when a Z-Wave home automation device or a smart scene has been activated. This is for keeping Total Connect 2.0 informed of the current status for the Z-Wave network.

The same principle applies if a user activates a Z-Wave device from Total Connect 2.0. The internet connection allows the Tuxedo to receive the notification that a device on the network has had a change in status. Additionally, the Tuxedo Touch also uses its internet connection to obtain the current weather conditions. These conditions are displayed on the Tuxedo Touch for easy reference.

A Tuxedo Touch Keypad without an active internet connection can still be used in several ways. This includes arming and disarming the system and controlling Z-Wave smart home devices locally. It It just needs to be connected with the ECP bus for the panel and be receiving power. Keep in mind that the Z-Wave device status cannot be updated on Total Connect 2.0 without an active internet connection.

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