Is There A DIY System That Can Also Be Monitored?

Yes, all Honeywell DIY systems can be monitored. Honeywell’s two most popular series control panels are the Vista series and the Lynx series. The Vista series is a hardwired hybrid control panel and the Lynx series is a self contained (includes control panel, keypad or touchscreen and built in siren) wireless control panel. Both the Vista and the Lynx series are capable of supporting both hardwire and wireless devices and home automation as well.

The Vista and Lynx series support several means of communication. The Vista series supporting cell communicators are the GSMX4G, GSMV4G and the Vista GSM4G. The compatible internet communicator for the Vista series is the 7847i and the dual communicator is the iGSMV4G. The Lynx compatible cell communicators are the GSMVLP5-4G, Honeywell 3GL, 4GL, and the GSMVLP4G. The ILP5 is the compatible internet communicator for the Lynx and the L5100-WIFI is the compatible WiFi module (there is no wifi communicator for the Vista series). The Lynx series supports dual communication installing two of the communicators, either a cell and internet or a cell and a wifi module. The Vista and Lynx series (with the exception of the Lynx L7000) can be connected to a landline.

The Vista series supports zwave devices when paired with either a VAM or a Tuxedo Touch WiFi controller.

The Lynx series supports zwave devices when paired with a L5100zwave module.

Both the Vista and Lynx series supports Honeywell IP cameras for video surveillance.

Both the Vista and the Lynx series when paired with a cell communicator, internet communicator or wifi communicator is compatible with Total Connect 2.0 (except the Vista 10P panel).

Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control an alarm system, home automation and video surveillance from any computer, smartphone and ios device. Users will receive real time alerts via email and or text message on any alarm signal or event.

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