Is there an AUI keypad for the Lyric security system?

An AUI or Advanced User Interface, is a touchscreen keypad with a graphical user interface which allows easier, more user-friendly control of Honeywell’s compatible Vista panels, by providing the “point-and-click” experience that most users have become accustomed to while using computers. AUI keypads, which can be used with Vista panels, include the Tuxedo Touch, the 6280, and the older 6270 style keypads.

The Lyric security system, is, itself, an Advanced User Interface. It provides an easy-to-use interface, not only for security features such as arming, disarming, and bypassing of zones, but also with regard to panel programming. Unlike the Vista panels with their add-on AUI’s, the Lyric provides the ease of point-and-click throughout the full Lyric experience. From initial setup and programming, to all aspects of end-user use.

When a secondary keypad for the Lyric is needed, the LKP500 is available. Though not a “touchscreen” in the traditional sense, this keypad provides an auxiliary point of control for the Lyric system. Up to 8 of the LKP500 keypads can be used on a single Lyric security system. These keypads are encrypted, bi-directional devices, which can securely send and receive information to and from the Lyric at a distance of up to 300 feet. Each LKP500 gets enrolled into the system as a zone, starting with zone 850, and the LKP500’s are supervised by the panel on a 60 second interval. This means, if someone attempts to disable an LKP500 which is programmed into a Lyric, the system will show the zone for that particular keypad as being in trouble, after 200 seconds, or just over 3 minutes, without communication.

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