Lyric Gateway vs. Honeywell L5210

The Lyric Gateway and the Honeywell L5210 are very different panels. The main similarity is that they are both self contained, wireless alarm and home automation systems.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest panel released in the Lyric system line. The Gateway has a built in WIFI communicator and integrated Ethernet jack. A Verizon or AT&T cellular communicator can be installed in the top of the unit in the Gateway’s expansion bay. If a user wants to use cellular communication, they will want to select the communicator that corresponds to the strongest cell signal in their area as both units provide identical operation. The Gateway does support Dual Path communication. With this enabled, if the Primary communication path (Ethernet or WIFI) fails, the system will automatically switch to the Secondary communication path (Cellular). The Lyric Gateway supports all SiX Sensors and all wireless 5800 devices except for those that use a House ID. The Gateway itself has no integrated digital display. Instead, users can interact with the panel by downloading the MyHome Gateway app, which provides a graphic user interface. This app provides access to basic programming features such as adding users and learning in Z-Wave devices. To access Installer level programming, such as zone and communication options, the user will need to have their system monitored by an alarm company with access to AlarmNet360. The alarm company needs to make all programming changes for the system, as only they will have access to this programming.

The L5210 is an all in one wireless panel from the LYNX line. The system can communicate over Ethernet, WIFI or Cellular and also supports a Dual Path setup. The L5210 is also has a terminal connection for a phone line. The system is compatible with all 5800 wireless devices and has a terminal block where one wired security zone can connect. The system can be upgraded with a Z-Wave controller and supports up to 3 Z-Wave thermostats, 4 Z-Wave door locks and 40 Z-Wave light, switch and appliance modules simultaneously.


Lyric Gateway

Honeywell L5210

Touchscreen Display

Capacitive touch interface with Advanced Voice Guidance

4.3” Color graphic touchscreen

470 x 256 pixel resolution

Size and Weight

8.82”H x 6.97”W x 1.4”D. 2.2 lbs

6.1”H x 8.5”W x 1.7”D.

External Buttons

Emergency, (Fire, Police, Medical). Away, Home, Disarmed, Alert, Cancel

Home, Emergency

I/O Connectors

Speaker, Microphone, Sounder with 85dB intensity, Cellular Module Tray*, Internal Battery*

*All User Replaceable

Speaker, Microphone, Sounder with 85dB intensity, Cellular Port*, ILP5* (uses the same port as cellular) Z-Wave Side Connector* WIFI Side Connector*, Internal battery*

*All User Replaceable

Supported Communications

Built-in: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n); 2.4GHz, Ethernet port,

Can be added: Verizon CDMA-1XRTT (800, 1900MHz) or AT&T GSM-3G HSPA (850, 1900 MHz)

Add-On: WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)

Verizon CDMA-1XRTT (800, 1900MHz) or AT&T GSM-3G HSPA (850, 1900MHz)


Built in Z-Wave Plus; Network Wide Inclusion supported. Up to 76 Z-Wave Plus (500 Chipset) devices total.

Z-Wave module can be added which supports up to 40 devices


Up to 48 System Users, including Installer

Up to 32 System Users, including Installer

Duress Code

User 48

User 32

Wireless Keys (Fobs)

8 wireless keys with up to 8 actions each

16 zones reserved for BR Input Type devices

Wireless Sensors

64 Wireless Zones (SIX Series & 5800)

64 Wireless Zones (5800 Series)

Hardwired Zones


1 Non-powered burglary zone

Wireless Keypads

Up to 8 LKP500

5828 or 5828V Limited only by available power, and range

Lyric WIFI Thermostats

Supports up to 4

Not Supported

Z-Wave Switches

Up to 60

Up to 40

Z-Wave Thermostats

Up to 6

Up to 3

Z-Wave Door Locks

Up to 6

Up to 4

Z-Wave Garage Doors

Up to 4 (Linear GD00Z Only)

Up to 2 using 5877GDPK only

Connected Apps

Total Connect 2.0 (local or remote control), MyHome Gateway app (local control only, Ethernet or WIFI required, this is a free app)

Total Connect 2.0 (local or remote control), Lynx Connect mobile app (local control only, WIFI or ILP5 connection required, this is a paid app)


Only available through AlarmNet 360, programming must be done by dealer

Programming via touchscreen, or AlarmNet 360

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