How Do I Connect a LiftMaster MyQ to a Honeywell Alarm System?

You can connect a LiftMaster MyQ to a Honeywell Alarm System through a Total Connect 2.0 integration. A LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Controller cannot connect directly with a Honeywell Panel. You won't be able to control the garage door from the panel itself. But you can control it from TC2.

Normally, if you wanted to connect a garage door controller with a Honeywell or Resideo System, you would use a Honeywell 5877 Relay Module. This relay connects with the garage door motor and communicates with the panel wirelessly. You also need a garage door tilt sensor or a contact with a wide-spacing gap to monitor the actual garage door. Alarm Grid actually sells a kit called the Honeywell GDCK that includes a 5877 Relay, a 5822T Tilt Sensor and a siren/strobe. Unfortunately, the 5877 Relay is incompatible with a MyQ Garage Door Controller. This setup will not work if you are using one of these controllers.

However, there is a MyQ integration available for the Total Connect 2.0 service. If you are unaware, TC2 is an interactive security and smart home automation platform that allows you to remotely control your Honeywell System in many different ways. The service is great if you want to do things like arm and disarm your system remotely or conveniently control Z-Wave devices. In this case, you can access the TC2 platform through a web browser or mobile app to control your MyQ Garage Door. All you have to do is pair your MyQ device with your TC2 account. Please note that you will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to Total Connect 2.0 with automation enabled. For Alarm Grid customers, this is a Silver Plan or higher. More info can be found on our monitoring page.

The MyQ integration for TC2 will allow you to open and close your garage door. You can also receive text and/or email notifications regarding garage door activity. However, there is a limitation of not being able to use your MyQ Garage Door with smart scenes. There is a partial work-around for this that tricks the system into thinking there is a 5877 Relay enrolled with the system. This work-around will allow you to have your system automatically respond based on the status of your garage door. So if you wanted to have your system arm/disarm whenever you open/close your garage door, you would need this work-around to make it possible.

This work-around does have some limitations. For one, it will only work with the Lyric Controller and the LYNX Touch Systems. It will not work with the hardwired VISTA Panels, as you cannot program a "fake 5877" with those systems. Additionally, this work-around will still make it impossible to have your garage door automatically open or close based on system activity. This is because there is not an actual relay module to tell your garage door what to do. For example, if you wanted to have your garage door automatically open/close when you arm/disarm your system, it would not work. But still, this work-around solution is helpful for providing you with more control over your garage door. If you want to learn more about the specifics of this integration, please review this blog post.

As far as the actual MyQ integration with Total Connect 2.0, it is fairly simple. Complete the following steps to integrate your MyQ Garage Door Controller with your Total Connect 2.0 account:

1. Get MyQ on WIFI. The first thing you should do is get your MyQ Garage Door Controller connected to your local WIFI network. You will do this using the MyQ App. If you do not have the app, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app will walk you through the process of setting up the MyQ Controller and creating a MyQ account. If you have already done this, you can skip this step.

2. Login to TC2 App. To complete the integration, you should use the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App. This app is available for Android and iOS devices. If you do not have the app, you can download it for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Open the app, and login to your TC2 account.

3. Complete the integration. From the TC2 Mobile App, go to the Automation section. Select "Manage Devices", followed by "Chamberlain LiftMaster". You should then select "Add Existing Garage Door". You would only choose "Setup New Garage Door" if you did not already have your MyQ Garage Door Controller Configured. But you did that in Step 1. For the purpose of this FAQ, make sure you choose "Add Existing Garage Door".

After you select "Add Existing Garage Door", you will provide your MyQ account information. This will allow TC2 to access your MyQ Garage Door Controller. You must then choose which garage door controller you want to use to complete the integration. Click "Save" when finished.

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