What Glass Breaks Are Compatible with a Honeywell VISTA-21iP?

The VISTA-21iP functions with almost any wired glass break detector and any 5800 Series wireless glass break detector. The recommended wireless glass break detector to use with the VISTA-21iP is the Honeywell 5853. If the user desires a hard-wired detector, we recommend the Honeywell FG1625.

The VISTA-21iP main board has terminals to support 8 security zones. The system will support up to 40 more zones when using 4219 zone expanders. You must have an available zone to add a glass break detector. Zones 2 - 8 on the main system board can be configured for use as either Normally Open, Normally Closed, or End of Line Resistor supervised zones. The majority of wired glass break detectors are wired with Normally Closed loops, but this is not always the case.

In most cases, we recommend using a Honeywell 5853 with the VISTA-21iP. Most users find that wireless glass break detectors are easier to install than hard-wired ones. Before using any wireless glass break with the VISTA-21iP, you will need to have a wireless receiver/transceiver installed on the system. The recommended device to use for this is the 6160RF. The 6160RF is an alphanumeric wired keypad with a wireless transceiver built in. With the 6160RF installed, the system can support as many wireless zones as are supported by the panel.

The recommended wired glass break detector to use with the VISTA-21iP is the Honeywell FG1625. The FG1625 is a UL listed, normally closed glass break detector that has 4 sensitivity range settings. With these settings, the device can be configured to work as close as 5 feet from a window, all the way up to 25 feet from the window. The device uses FlexGuard technology, which has the detector look for two sounds to activate - the dull thud of an object hitting a window and the loud piercing smash of glass breaking. The device will not trigger without “hearing” both of these tones. This helps assure that the glass break is only triggered when glass is actually broken.

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