What is a Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274?

A Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 is the part name of the small flip-down door that covers the push buttons on a Honeywell 6160 Hardwired Keypad. This door is completely optional, and it can be removed to leave the buttons exposed. Its only purpose is to cover up the buttons on the keypad.

Many users confuse the part name K4274V1-H M7274 with the actual Honeywell 6160 itself. That is not the case. The name K4274V1-H M7274 is nothing more than the door that covers the keypad. However, since it is only used with the Honeywell 6160 Series of keypads, this name alone makes the keypad relatively easy to identify. All of the Honeywell 6160 Keypads are alphanumeric keypads that allow for deep level programming and basic operation of a Honeywell VISTA Series Panel. Users should also understand that these keypads are not actual alarm control panels. They only serve as controllers for a VISTA Panel, which is housed inside a large metal box.

In addition to the standard Honeywell 6160 Keypad, there is also the Honeywell 6160RF Keypad and the Honeywell 6160V Keypad. The 6160RF includes a built-in wireless receiver for supporting 345 MHz Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors. The letters RF in 6160RF stand for "Radio Frequency". The 6160V includes spoken voice compatibilities for speaking out the Zone Descriptor when a sensor is triggered. The letter V in 6160V stands for "Voice". Please note there is no version of the 6160 Keypad that offers both an integrated wireless receiver and spoken voice functionality. All versions of the 6160 Keypad have the exact same K4274V1-H M7274 plastic door.

The Honeywell K4274V1-H M7274 should not be confused with the Honeywell K4392V2-H M7240. The K4392V2-H M7240 is a very similar, yet somewhat smaller, plastic door that is used with the Honeywell 6150 Fixed English Keypad and the Honeywell 5828 Wireless Keypad. Again, this part is only used to cover up the push buttons on these keypads. It is completely optional, and it can be removed from the keypad if desired.

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