What Is a Qolsys Hardwire 16-F?

A Qolsys Hardwire 16-F is a wired to wireless converter that makes hardwired sensors compatible with a wireless 319.5 MHz alarm system. The device is useful if you have an older hardwired panel with wired sensors, and you want to bring your existing sensors over to your new wireless system.

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The way that the Qolsys Hardwire 16-F works is very simple. You first connect hardwired sensors to the wire terminal inputs on the module. You must then enroll the Qolsys Hardwire 16-F module itself with the wireless panel. The module itself will take up one of the system's wireless zones. From there, you can enroll the connected sensors to the panel. Each pair of wired terminals on the Hardwire 16-F will represent one wireless zone on the panel. The Hardwire 16-F sends wireless 319.5 MHz signals to the system on behalf of the connected sensors. The system will recognize the hardwired sensors as wireless sensors. For more information on setting up the Hardwire 16-F module, please review this helpful FAQ.

The Qolsys Hardwire 16-F transmits wireless signals at 319.5 MHz. As a result, it will only work with alarm systems that accept the 319.5 MHz frequency. It cannot be used with security panels that accept a different wireless frequency. Some examples of systems that accept the 319.5 MHz frequency include the original Qolsys IQ Panel 2, the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus w/ 319.5 MHz Daughtercard, and most wireless Interlogix Alarm Systems. The module will utilize S-Line Rolling Code Encryption when used with the IQ Panel 2 or IQ Panel 2 Plus. If you aren't sure what wireless frequency is used with your panel, you can always email us at support@alarmgrid.com to find out. We will need to know the name of your panel, and we may ask for pictures of the inside circuit board.

Please note that there are only 16 wired terminal pairs on the Qolsys Hardwire 16-F. With that in mind, you can only use the Qolsys Hardwire 16-F for 16 system zones. If you require additional zones for wired sensors, you will need a second module, or some other compatible wireless transmitter. It is also important to note that each zone terminal pair must have a 4.7k resistor wired in parallel (NO) or series (NC). This includes terminal inputs that are not being used. The color code for this type of resistor is Yellow-Violet-Black-Brown-Brown. Resistors should come included with the Hardwire 16-F module.

It's also important to note that Zone 16 on the Hardwire 16-F is specifically designed for 2-wire smoke detectors. Up to ten (10) 2-wire smoke detectors can be wired in parallel to Zone 16. No other zone on the Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16-F can support smoke detectors. Additionally, you cannot use 4-wire smoke detectors or wired carbon monoxide sensors with the Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16-F. For more information on using 2-wire smoke detectors with the Qolsys Hardwire 16-F, please review this FAQ.

The power output for the Qolsys Hardwire 16-F is rated at 500 mA. This is used for powering devices like motion detection sensors and glass break sensors. Make sure you do not exceed this 500 mA limit with your hardwired sensors. The Qolsys Hardwire 16-F also includes a 12VDC 500 mA auxiliary relay output that can be used to add a siren. You will not need an external power supply, as long as the power load for the siren does not exceed 500 mA. Please note that the Qolsys Hardwire 16-F can only serve as a wireless siren relay for a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 or IQ Panel 2 Plus w/ 319.5 MHz Daughtercard that is running RF PIC Version 11.1.4 G2 or higher. For more information on using the Qolsys Hardwire 16-F as a wireless siren relay, please check this FAQ.

For power, the Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16-F uses a 16VDC transformer. Both the transformer and a power cable come included with the module. However, a backup battery does not come included. We strongly recommend adding one so that the module can remain running during an electrical outage. A good backup battery to use for this purpose is the UltraTech 1240. The Hardwire 16-F comes with a battery harness for connecting, so no additional equipment will be needed.

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