What Is Bypassing A Zone On A Security System?

Bypass is the term used to describe the ability to deactivate specific zones of the alarm system before arming the system. Bypassing allows for certain areas to be disarmed while the rest of the space is armed.

The Bypass feature can be used when you want to intentionally arm your system with one or more zones unprotected.

Bypassed zones will not sound an alarm, and reduces the level of security. If bypassing a zone because it is not working, service the issue immediately so that the problem can be resolved and your system returned to proper working order.

Ensure that no zones are unintentionally bypassed when arming your system. Zones cannot be bypassed once the system is armed.

The system will not allow Panic, Fire or CO zones to be bypassed.

Bypassing on a L5210, L7000 or Honeywell Lyric Controller

  1. With the system in the disarmed state, from the Home screen select "Security."
  2. Select the "Zones" icon.
  3. The system displays the Zones/Bypass screen
  4. Select the zone(s) that you wish to bypass and then select Bypass
  5. Selecting the "Bypass All Faulted" button allows you to bypass all faulted Burg zones, if "Force Bypass" is enabled in panel programming.
  6. The system displays a keypad.
  7. Enter a valid user code.
  8. The system returns to the Bypass screen and the zone or zones that are bypassed will be displayed.
  9. Select the Home icon to return to return the Home Screen.
  10. Arm the system as usual.

To Clear the Bypass

  1. With the system in the disarmed state, select the "Zones" icon.
  2. The system displays the Zone screen and the status for each zone will be indicated.
  3. Use the buttons to scroll to additional pages and view the zone status.
  4. If the "Select All" option was selected, it scrolls through the following: "Select All", "Select Alarm", "Select Trouble", "Select Fault" and Select Bypassed". The system displays the associated zones.
  5. If one or more zones has been bypassed the "Clear Bypasses" button will be highlighted
  6. To clear the bypass, select the "Clear Bypasses" button.
  7. Enter a valid user code on the displayed keypad. The system returns to the Zones screen.
  8. Select the Home icon to return to the Home Screen

Vista Panels

Bypassed zones are automatically cancelled each time the system is disarmed and must be bypassed again, if required, before the next arming

Bypassed zones are unprotected and will not cause an alarm if violated. The system will not allow fire zones to be bypassed.

To bypass a zone on a Vista panel:

  1. The panel must be in the disarmed state, enter the 4 digit security code, followed by the number 6 [Bypass] and the 2 digit zone number to be bypassed (ex: [1234] [6] [04] to bypass zone 04 - always add a 0 in front of a single digit zone number).
  2. The keypad will display a bypass message for the zone number.
  3. Repeat this step for each zone to be bypassed.
  4. Arm the system as usual.
  5. When the system is armed a message will be displayed showing that a zone or zones are bypassed
  6. To view bypassed zones before arming, enter the 4 digit security code followed by the number 6.

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Which model system do you have?
How do I stop the system bypass? It always happens when I am gone! Yet no alarm sounds
Hi Rob, whether or not the sensors are active when armed in stay mode, depends on how they are programmed. If they are programmed as Interior Zone Types (Interior follower or Interior with delay) then they'd be automatically bypassed in Stay mode. If they are programmed as perimeter or Entry/Exit, they are active in Stay mode. Is your system monitored currently?
We have a sensor on our door to our finished basement and a motion detector in the basement. Usually no one stays down there, but we're looking to have a grandparent living with us for 3-4 days/week and that area will get used a lot more. Normally on our Lynx 5200 i've been bypassing those two sensors at night so people can move around the house. It's not much of a pain a few times a year, but with the frequency increasing so much i'm trying to figure out how best to handle it. 1) When in armed stay, I had assumed the basement door and basement motion sensors were active. Is that correct? 2) Is there a way to program a code(or other shortcut) to automatically bypass certain zones? Thanks for the help.
Armed Stay - Bypass means the system is armed Stay (all interior zones automatically bypassed) with zones bypassed. I tested on my L5200, and when I arm Stay without manually bypassing zones, it just shows me "Armed Stay" so this indicates to me you also some zones manually bypassed.
What alarm system do you have?
hi, I usually bypass zones at night, but when armed stay is activated the red LED is activated and the message in the red ribbon displays "Armed Stay - Bypass". Is this the right message when the system is armed stay and zones are bypassed correctly?
If you disarm after bypassing, the bypassed zone becomes active again and you would need to bypass it again before arming if you wanted it ignored during that arming period.
If I bypass a zone, then accidentally do the disarm code instead of arming, then arm, is the zone still bypassed?
No, bypassed only last until the system is disarmed again. You would need to change the programming for the zones you need disabled for longer. Do you have an alphanumeric keypad connected to your system?
Situation change and I need to bypass an area. can you bypass a zone for a longer time, so you don't need to bypass each time when you arm. Vista system.

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