Where Should I Install a Glass Break Sensor?

You should install a glass break sensor as close as possible to the window or glass case that it is monitoring. It should have a direct line of sight to the glass, and there should be no objects blocking its path. This will provide the most complete oversight of the glass case or window.

A glass break sensor works by listening for the sound of breaking glass. This type of security device includes a special built-in microphone that listens for particular sounds. In order to activate, this microphone will need to hear both the "thud" of an object striking against glass and the actual shattering of glass itself. Since the device operates with sound, you will want to place it nearby any important glass objects and give it direct path for listening to the glass. This will provide it with the best opportunity for detecting any glass breakages that may occur.

Obviously, placing the glass break sensor in a poor location can prevent it from hearing any glass that is broken. Placing the sensor too far from glass will prevent the sound waves of the breaking glass from reaching the sensor's microphone, and the glass break will not respond properly. Likewise, putting various objects or obstacles between the glass break sensor and the glass will block the sound waves of breaking glass and prevent the microphone from picking up the sound. With this in mind, the best place for a glass break sensor is near any important glass with a direct line of sight readily available.

Different types of glass break detectors will have different specifications. Make sure to check the mounting recommendations for your particular glass break detector when considering where to mount it. Also, the type of glass to be protected may make a difference in which glass break detector should be used. Make sure to check the specifications for the glass break detectors with the glass to be protected in mind. Thickness, number of panes, and whether the glass is coated or laminated should be considered.

Of course, a glass break detector will only function if it has been properly set up with the security system. This is true whether the device is hardwired or wireless and for whatever response type is being used with the sensor. The sensor will need to be set up with a zone on the panel and programmed with the correct loop number in order to provide the proper function. You can always test the sensor using a glass break simulator, such as the Honeywell FG701. If you find that you are having problems with your glass break sensor, check the programming for the device and make sure that it has been set up correctly.

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