Which Honeywell Panels are Compatible w/ Alarm.com SEMs?

The Honeywell Panels that are compatible with Alarm.com SEMs are the Honeywell VISTA P-Series Panels. The panel must have been built in 2005 or later, and it must be running at least Firmware Version 3.1. Various rebranded equivalents of Honeywell VISTA Panels can also support SEM devices.

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Alarm.com System Enhancement Modules, or SEMs, are communicators that allow compatible security systems to connect with the Alarm.com servers for monitoring and automation service. Most newer SEMs are dual-path with both IP and cellular, but there have been cell-only SEMs in the past. Each SEM also serves as a Z-Wave controller so that you can pair Z-Wave home automation devices and control them remotely from the Alarm.com platform. Paired Z-Wave devices can also be included with Alarm.com smart scenes for automation operation based on a schedule or with certain predetermined system events.

The only Honeywell Systems that can support Alarm.com SEMs are certain panels in the Honeywell VISTA lineup, specifically the low P-Series Systems. These include the VISTA-10P, the VISTA-15P, the VISTA-20P, and the VISTA-21iP. Normally, these panels would use the Total Connect 2.0 platform instead of Alarm.com. The Alarm.com SEMs are a unique way to get these systems set up with the Alarm.com platform, which they otherwise wouldn't be able to interface with. While there have been a few different Alarm.com SEMs released for these panels through the years, the most popular ones today are the Alarm.com ADC-SEM210-VT-AT (AT&T LTE & IP) and the Alarm.com ADC-SEM210-VT-VZ (Verizon LTE & IP).

Remember that each of the aforementioned Honeywell VISTA Systems can only support an Alarm.com SEM if it is running Firmware Version 3.1 or higher. This is determined by the system's PROM Chip. The PROM Chip is a small black chip located on the main panel circuit board. On the chip, there will be a white sticker with a code beginning with the letters "WA". The code will determine what firmware version your system is running. Also keep in mind that there are no Alarm.com SEMs for the VISTA Turbo Series Panels, including the Honeywell VISTA-128BPT and the Honeywell VISTA-250BPT. There are also no Alarm.com SEMs for any of the wireless Honeywell Panels.

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