Which Wireless Glassbreaks are Compatible with the Lyric Gateway?

The Lyric Gateway, Honeywell’s newest all-in-one Security and Lifestyle enhancement panel has many of the same features of the Lyric Controller. The Gateway supports either wired Ethernet, or WIFI communication, and also supports the use of either an AT&T or Verizon cellular module. Any one of these communication paths can be used on its own, and Ethernet or WIFI can be combined with Cellular to provide a more robust, and secure dual path option. The Lyric Gateway also has a built in Z-Wave Plus controller, and is the first of Honeywell’s panels to offer Z-Wave Plus. Instead of a built in touchscreen, the Gateway has a numeric touch pad with Panic and Arm/Disarm options. For this reason, the Gateway is less expensive than the Lyric Controller, and when used with the free MyHome Gateway App, available for iOS and Android devices, the interface is nearly identical with that of the Controller, with the exception that there is no panel programming interface in either the App, or the Gateway itself. This means the Lyric Gateway has to be activated with an AlarmNet account before it can be programmed, and it must be programmed by the alarm dealer through AlarmNet 360.

The Lyric Gateway supports both the older style 5800 series Honeywell wireless devices, such as the 5853 Glassbreak sensor, and the newest SiX Series devices, such as the SiXGB. SiX Series devices are encrypted, wireless sensors, which operate at 2.4 GHz. They have a transmitting range of about 300 feet, and operate with long life lithium batteries which usually last about 5 years, with typical use. There are a few 5800 series wireless devices not supported by the Lyric Gateway. These include any bi-directional device which requires a House ID to properly function. The 5800 series devices operate at 345 MHz, are not encrypted, and have an operating range of about 200 feet. They also use long life lithium batteries, and have a battery life of up to 10 years with typical use.

If you plan to properly install and maintain glassbreak sensors, it is recommended to use the proper glassbreak simulator for the detector of your choice. Both the 5853 and the SiXGB are compatible with the FG701, and we have a separate FAQ detailing how to use this handy device.

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