Why Am I Getting Supervision Trouble On My 2GIG GB1e?

You are getting supervision trouble on your 2GIG GB1e either because an improper process was used when replacing the sensor or updating its Partition Assignment, or because the incorrect Equipment Code was used for the zone. You must fix the problem and acknowledge the trouble to clear it.

The 2GIG GB1e is an encrypted wireless glass break detector that is part of the 2GIG eSeries Lineup for use with the 2GIG GC3e and 2GIG GC2e. Users have sometimes found that these sensors cause supervision trouble conditions for unusual reasons. But you should also consider the fact that the standard causes of supervision loss could still apply. Normally, a system displays supervision trouble when a programmed wireless sensor does not successfully "check-in" with the system after a certain period of time. This is usually due to either the sensor being powered down and not sending a supervision check-in signal or the sensor being moved and/or new obstacles being installed between the sensor and the panel to prevent the supervision check-in signal from reaching its intended destination. In those situations, you can fix the cause of the problem, and then clear the trouble.

There are some unique considerations that should be made if you are ever dealing with supervision troubles affecting 2GIG eSeries Sensors like the 2GIG GB1e. These sensors may cause supervision trouble for something outside of the traditional causes. There are three (3) possible factors that are known to cause this. One way is if you ever replace the sensor by just swapping-in the new Serial Number while keeping the other zone settings intact. Whenever you replace an eSeries Sensor, you should delete the zone entirely, and then reprogram it from scratch. This will prevent supervision issues. This complete process must be done, even if you are using the exact same sensor model as before, along with the exact same programming settings. 2GIG GC3e users can follow this FAQ to learn how to properly replace a sensor. For GC2e users, the principle remains the same, but you will instead follow the programming process unique to that system. See this FAQ to learn about GC2e zone programming.

The second cause is very similar, but it involves switching the partition for an existing sensor on the system, rather than trying to set up a replacement sensor. For this section, only the GC3e applies, as the GC2e does not have partitions. There are four (4) partitions available on the GC3e, and they are often referred to as Smart Areas. Whether or not the GC3e will utilize Smart Area Partitions depends on how Q69 is programmed in System Configuration. But you can still make Partition Assignments for zones, even if Q69 has not been enabled yet. This means you can assign the zone to a smart area, then enable Smart Areas in Q69. You needn't program Q69 first.

The Partition Assignment selection for the zone will determine which system partition the zone is a part of. If you are ever in a situation where you want to switch a sensor to a new partition, then you should delete the associated zone entirely, and then reprogram it from scratch, this time using the desired Partition Assignment. If you just switch the Partition Assignment, while leaving all other settings the same, the supervision trouble is likely to occur. We recommend reviewing this FAQ to learn more.

Finally, supervision trouble has been known to occur for a 2GIG eSeries Sensor that is assigned an improper equipment code for its sensor model. Like all other 2GIG eSeries Sensors, the 2GIG GB1e has its own Equipment Code for this purpose. The code to use for the GB1e is 2864. If you go into zone configuration and find that the current Equipment Code is incorrect, then change it accordingly, save the programming settings, and acknowledge the system trouble condition to make it go away. More info on Equipment Codes can be found here.

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