Why Can't I Use WIFI With My LYNX Touch L5210 or L7000 System?

You can't use WIFI with your LYNX Touch L5210 or L7000 System because you don't have an L5100-WIFI module added. These systems don't come with a WIFI card pre-installed. You have to add an L5100-WIFI card, or else you will not be able to connect to a local WIFI network for alarm monitoring.

Honeywell l5100 wifi alarmnet lynx touch l5100 security system wifi alarm monitoring communicatorThe L5210 and L7000 are two systems from Resideo, formerly known as Honeywell. These systems were first introduced a few years ago, and they don't come with WIFI standard. However, you can make these systems WIFI-compatible by adding a L5100-WIFI card. The main benefit to doing this is that you can connect these systems to the Resideo AlarmNet360 Servers. This will allow you to receive IP monitoring services and access Total Connect 2.0. Please note that you will need a compatible alarm monitoring plan from Alarm Grid to do this.

Getting started with the L5100-WIFI module is very easy. This is a physical module that must be installed onto the panel's inner board. You will need to first power down the panel by unplugging the transformer and disconnecting the backup battery. Next, open up the panel by using a tool to press-in the two tabs on the top. Then install the L5100-WIFI to the board, and follow the appropriate steps to connect the panel to a local WIFI network.

Please note that you can only use 2.4 GHz WIFI networks with the L5100-WIFI. It will not support 5 GHz networks. For information on connecting this module, please review this helpful FAQ and the included video. You might also want to check out the L5100-WIFI Installation Manual for more information. Most users should have no problem installing the L5100-WIFI and connecting the system to WIFI. You will need to contact your alarm monitoring company to activate the module for monitoring service after installing.

There is one very important thing to keep in mind if you have purchased a new L5100-WIFI module. Newly manufactured L5100-WIFI modules have an updated MAC prefix, and they require that the LYNX Touch System is running firmware revision 8.00.183 or higher. You may need to upgrade the firmware for your L5210 or L7000 System to use one of these modules.

If you need to upgrade the firmware, you can do so using a LYNXTOUCH-MSD Firmware Update Tool. Older L5100-WIFI modules have MAC prefix of 00:D0:2D and can work with any LYNX Touch, regardless of firmware version. For more information on using a newer L5100-WIFI module, please review this post. You can identify a newer L5100-WIFI module that requires revision 8.00.183 or higher by having a MAC prefix of B8:2C:A0 or by having the following sticker on the box:

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