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Update: We have discovered that Honeywell L5100 Systems running a firmware version of at least 5.00838, but less than 5.05000 (5.15000 in Canada) can also support the newer Honeywell L5100-WIFI units with the MAC prefix of B82CA0. Please see this update post for more information.

The latest technical notification from Honeywell says that the manufacturer is making changes to their L5100-WIFI Module for the Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems. New L5100-WIFI devices have a MAC prefix of B8:2C:A0. Modules with this MAC prefix will require the panel to be on at least 8.00.183.

Honeywell l5100 wifi alarmnet lynx touch l5100 security system wifi alarm monitoring communicatorThe L5100-WIFI allows a Honeywell LYNX Touch Panel to connect with a WIFI network. This will allow the panel to receive IP monitoring service and connect with the Total Connect 2.0 interactive platform. Overall, it is one of the most important upgrades that can be made for a LYNX Touch System.

Older L5100-WIFI modules used a MAC prefix of 00D02D. These modules can be used with a LYNX Touch System right out of the box, with no firmware update being needed. This is not the case with the newer L5100-WIFI modules that have the B8:2C:A0 MAC Prefix. The new L5100-WIFI modules can be identified by having the following label on the outside of their boxes:

In order to use one of these newer L5100-WIFI devices, the LYNX Touch System will need to be running Revision 8.00.183 or higher. Only the Honeywell L5200, Honeywell L5210 and Honeywell L7000 will support this revision upgrade. The L5200 must have the firmware update pushed down to the panel over-the-air by Resideo. The L5210 and L7000 Systems can use the firmware updater tool to complete the update.

Update: As of October 2019, the L5200 can also use the LYNX Touch Firmware Updater Tool. Please see this blog post for more information.

Any L5210 or L7000 System that was purchased after February 2018 will already have Revision 8.00.183 installed. These systems will readily support the newest L5100-WIFI modules. The LYNX Touch Systems that have Revision 8.00.183 pre-installed can be identified by having the following serial number:

If you have an older LYNX Touch System or if you are unable to get Revision 8.00.183 on your L5210 or L7000, then you will still be able to use an older L5100-WIFI with the 00D02D MAC prefix to get the system online. Keep in mind though that any newly manufactured L5100-WIFI module will not have the older prefix. Alarm Grid will stop selling the older L5100-WIFI modules once we run out of our current stock.

But if you do manage to find an older L5100-WIFI module with the 00D02D prefix, then you will be able to use it with your system. Alarm Grid will activate any compatible L5100-WIFI Module, whether it was purchased from us or somewhere else. Also remember that you will not need to purchase a new L5100-WIFI module or upgrade your panel's firmware revision if you already have a functioning WIFI module set up with the system.

Another option is to upgrade to the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The Lyric comes with a compatible WIFI card already built-in. This makes it extremely easy to connect to a WIFI network. The Lyric also readily supports Z-Wave home automation devices, and it is fully compatible with Apple HomeKit. A user will be able to bring over all their existing sensors to the Lyric Controller, so making the upgrade is very easy.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

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Great! You can also reach us at
YES, that update worked now recognized the wifi card and signed on the network. Thanks again
Yes, wifi card starts with B8 not 00. Thank you I will get it and try it. Thanks again.
Hey Rodney, whats the Mac address for your wifi card if it starts with B82CA0 and your panel is below rev 9 then yes an update will resolve the issue.
Any update on the NO WIFI BOARD DETECTED issue? Does the FW upgrade solve the problem?
Hi George what is the MAC Address of your L5100-WIFI module? If you could email that to and reference this page, that would be helpful.
I am sorry for the incorrect information. The correct process from the home screen is Security > More > Tools > Input Master Code > Test > The Rev. number will be on the top of the screen.
there is no about under that screen
im having the same issue says no wifi board tried 2 different boards why is this so complicated when the videos show it as easy as can be ? bait and switch? does it need to be monitored first but if want to use wifi why cant i select the communication type it doesnt allow that either
What Firmware Revision is your panel on? If it is not on Revision 9 that may be the cause. To check the Revision you will enter your Master code at the Tools keypad and press About.
Hello, I installed this new model of the wifi-module on my L7000, but it does not detect the module. It is plugged in on the right side by the speaker. I have removed all power and powered back up 2 or 3 times. When I go to Program / Comm. Diagnostics, it says "NO WIFI BOARD FOUND". Interesting note: When I go to program ZWAVE it says "installed Telephone Side", but there is no ZWAVE module installed. I bought this L7000 as an open box item, but still new. You think the WIFI interface is defective?

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