Why doesn't my VISTA 128BPT recognize wireless devices?

In order to enable wireless zones on the Vista-128BPT or Vista-250BPT, you must first have a receiver connected to the panel, set to a unique address, and enabled in the panel’s Device Programming. We recommend using address 7 for this, as address 7 is the highest address available on receivers that use dip switches, and this puts it out of the way of other devices that may need to use lower addresses. These panels will allow you to use two receivers, if you are doing so, we recommend address 7 for the first receiver, and address 6 for the second. Bear in mind, when using multiple receivers, that they should both be the same capacity, in other words, they should both be High receivers, or both be Medium receivers. If they are not, you will be limited by the receiver with the LEAST capacity.

This chart shows the device address settings for the 5881ENH. Address 7 has been outlined in red. Though RF keypads may allow you to set the receiver address to a number higher than 7, it is recommended that you limit these devices to address 7 or below.

Once you’ve connected your receiver(s) and set their dip switches or otherwise set the address, you need to enter programming via a 6160 or other Alpha display keypad and enable the receiver in device programming.

Enter Installer Code (4140 by default) + 8 + 000

The display should show “Program Mode * Fill, # View”

Enter # + 93

You’ll see Zone Programming? 1 = Yes, 0 = No, press 0

Expert Mode? 1 = Yes, 0 = No, press 0

Report Code Prog? 1 = Yes, 0 = No, press 0

Alpha Prog? 1 = Yes, 0 = No, press 0

When you see this prompt, Press 1 for Yes.

Device Address = Press 07 then *

Device Type = 03 (RF Receiver) then *

RF Expander House ID = An entry here is only required if using wireless bi-directional devices such as 5804BDV/5828/5828V, etc. If you make an entry here, and you are using 2 receivers, you must program the House ID the same on BOTH addresses. Once you’ve entered a House ID 00 - 31, press *.

This will bring you back to Device Address, if you need to enable a second RF Receiver, enter the appropriate address and follow the same procedure shown above. When finished, at the Device Address prompt, press 00*, you will be prompted with “Quit Menu Mode?” Press 1 for Yes. This will put you back at “Program Mode, * Fill, # View”. At this point, you can go back to #93, and when prompted with “Zone Programming? 1 = Yes, 0 = No” you can press 1, then begin adding RF zones. You should now be able to learn in zones, if you wish.

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